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Apple iPad Mini Rumors Roundup: This is all what we know till now

Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini (or iPad Air as it may be called) at an event on October 23 . At the same time, according to a few rumors, TechCrunch being the latest, the message that seems to be consistently coming forward is that the new iPad mini is likely to be shipping on November 2.

It should be noted that this is Apple’s last big event for the year since Apple released the iPhone 5. Although Apple itself hasn’t offered any information about the tablet, or even acknowledged its existence, we have — or at least we think we have — a pretty good idea of what the company has in store thanks to various leaks and rumors.

Since Apple created the modern tablet market with the iPad, a number of companies gradually develop its own tablets, even the smaller-size tablet. Samsung firstly joined in the battle with its original Samsung Galaxy Tab debuted in 2010, and then Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire emerge. Now the tech giant –Microsoft becomes a member, which is scheduled to launch Windows 8 alongside the ARM-powered version of its Surface tablet on Oct. 26. Since then a host of different models have appeared, proving the viability of smaller tablets. Today, here we show you everything we (Probably) know about the iPad Mini.

1. iPad Mini specs
7.8 inch screen with 1,024 x 768 resolution. The resolution will probably not be retina display, but it is possible it would have the same ppi as found on the iPad 2. The tablet would be able to handle all the apps. The design will stick to the same aesthetics of the iPhone 5 with an anodized aluminum back plate rather than a plastic build.

It will have two cameras, one front facing, for FaceTime or other video chat applications, and another, higher resolution rear-facing camera on the back. Sports a lightning port connector, like the iPhone 5. Likely an A6 processor, although, some sites are suggesting it may be an A5 like the iPad 2.

2. Price
It is certainly the iPad Mini will be priced lower than the original iPad, in order to complete with the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet or Google's Nexus 7 tablet, which typically starting at $199.

Saturday's report from 9to5Mac cites unnamed sources and says that U.S. pricing for the iPad mini, or whatever Apple will call its smaller, 7.85-inch tablet, will start at $329 for the base model. This puts its price between the base 32GB iPod touch ($299) and the 16GB wi-fi only iPad 2 ($399).

The price points of the iPad mini would therefore be the following, assuming this rumor is true:
16GB wi-fi only $329
32GB wi-fi only $429
64GB wi-fi only $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular $459
32GB wi-fi + cellular $559
64GB wi-fi + cellular $659

3. Lightning Connector
Debuting earlier this year in the iPhone 5, Apple's Lightning connector will no doubt be the connector of choice for the iPad Mini (and all of its mobile products going forward).
However, that means the new tablet, much like the iPhone 5, isn’t going to work with a number of different accessories without the help of an adapter. So, if you’re hoping to use that existing iPad dock or speaker you’re probably going to be out of luck. On the other hand, if you just picked up an iPhone 5, then you have another device that can share accessories with it.

4. Launch Date
Current rumors point to Apple launching the iPad Mini a week after Tuesday’s announcement, Nov. 2. While the tablet may or may not hit stores that day, a launch in early November is certain -- capitalizing on the holiday season is an obvious part of Apple's timing.

An early November launch ensures Apple enthusiasts can pre-order the device and have it in their hands before the holiday rush, and gets the device out in time to make it on to holiday wish lists.

5. It'll Have a 7.85-Inch Screen.
The iPad Mini is thought to have a 7.85-inch display, 2 inches smaller than its big brother's, but still a bit bigger than most small-screen tablets, which are typically 7 inches.

All of our questions will be answered this Tuesday.

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