Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple iPad Mini: new features to the new iPad

Rumors have said that, Apple will hold a huge party on September 12 to release a new iPhone to the world, while at the same time the company will release its iPad Mini in October. Also according to CNET, the iPad Mini will sell at $249 to maintain its dominance. Now let’s forecast what new feature the new iPad Mini will bring to us.

1. 7.85-inch screen

Kindle Fire features a 7-inch display, but that does not mean that Apple need to emulate it. 7.85-inch screen may be the best choose.

Yesterday on Blorge, report said that the iPad Mini, which would feature a 7.85-inch non-Retina display, compared to the popular 10-inch version of the current iPad. That's a direct challenge for the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

2.The home button may disappear

The iPad Mini screen is smaller than the iPad2, so the physical home button seems unnecessary.

3. iOS 6

The new ios6 will take the new iPad Mini in entirely new direction with more features. The Maps designed by Apple, the Updated Siri,  better web browsing ,etc.

4. Price
The retail cost of the Mini is probably $299 (£190) or thereabouts.That is to say the new iPad Mini will be hard to stop even though Google’s Nexus 7 tablet sell at $199. Now Ads for the $199 Nexus 7 tablet are everywhere these days, including Google's usually-pristine search page which shows Google is already anticipating the imminent arrival of the iPad Mini in the U.S.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 reasons Android users will switch to the iPhone 5

A new survey from Barron have shown that 1 in 5 Android users are considering the switch to iPhone, while 48% of Android smartphone users plan on buying another Android device, and 34% are unsure which to buy. But with Apple’s victory in battle with Samsung, may be a number of people will choose the iPhone with iOS. Here are the 5 reasons why Android users will switch to the new iPhone- iPhone 5

The latest comprehensive performance

In addition to the specific function the new iPhone 5 will have which according to the Rumors, whether or not it will have 4G LTE technology or with a larger battery, it is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 5 will bring so many surprise to us. May be the iPhone 5 has been completed, is not advanced than the Samsung Galaxy S Ⅲ in the technical aspects, but Apple's performance and design will still attract part of Android users to use iPhone 5 .

Android users tired of updating

The dilemma faced by the Android users is that, the smartphone they owned built with the operating system of seriously outdated version, though they have very modern, high-end equipment, which make Android users very frustrated. Thanks to wireless carriers, existing Android devices update the operating system Verizon difficulty. Now Galaxy Nexus have already updated to the latest version. The problem seems to be more seriously, especially after the release of the iPhone 5, and hype.


All (in addition to the fans of Android) will admit this: Apple's designs are great; Users can complete all the tasks in a more intuitive way on the iPhone 5.

Cloud services

Google recently completed a lot of work on Pay Store, from an old-style "Android market" into a new iTunes-style mass store, to provide users with the books, movies, TV shows and various things. It is a very important step when Apple going to dominate the market.

However, even if the gap between Apple and Android is narrowing fast, the Cloud services of Apple have so many advantages. If you are very interested in music, television and film, then the iPhone will have a very strong attraction for you.

4G network

It may come as a shock, but there aren’t too many people as you’d think who are dying to see the iPhone 5 come with4G LTE connectivity. It has long been rumored that this will be among the new iPhone’s key features。

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Microsoft: Other Big Winner impact of Apple defeat of Samsung

Defeat in patent lawsuit with Apple, Samsung’s Asian markets drifted lower Monday in early trading; open a door for Microsoft Corp entered the prosperity smartphone market as manufacturers of Android-based smartphone and tablets weigh their legal risks.

Probably Microsoft will not increase its market share from this isolated incident immediately, but it strengthens their competitive position on Apple. Meanwhile, Microsoft was able to provide a safe harbor to Android vendors in against with Apple. After Apple defeats Samsung in US patent lawsuit, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers will consider Windows Phone as a risk-averse means.

The key reason: fear of patent lawsuits from Apple.

The California Company’s battle with Samsung was in large measure a proxy war against Google Inc.’s Android software, which is used by many manufacturers to run its mobile devices. The verdict could empower Apple to file more such lawsuits.

"Some of the other manufacturers of Android products like ourselves are prepared to face similar lawsuits from Apple," a senior executive with a major Chinese mobile maker told Reuters on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to talk to the media.

"The Apple-Samsung lawsuit has given us some reference point on our future innovation. We'll focus on developing our own unique user interface based on the Android platform.

"Even though the bulk of our shipments run on Android, the trend is to diversify into other products running on Windows," the executive added, predicting that the percentage of Windows-based smartphone shipments would increase significantly, from less than 10 percent now to around a third over the next few years.

Consumer Appeal:  Nokia pioneer

The new Windows Phone operating system can become a third-party choice mainly depend on the Nokia. The trading patterns between them are an example of other mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate with Microsoft.

Now Nokia sales slow mean Nokia is in trouble, but the mobile phone manufacturer is confident of its unique design. And the new Windows Phone 8 is attractive. 

As partner, Samsung did not launch a stand out Windows Phone handsets. Constantly under pressure from Apple, Samsung may turn to the Windows Phone System. Loss in this patent lawsuit, Samsung may realize that they should not pay all the intention on Android.

The answer will know not far in the future. Rumors have said that Windows Phone 8 Nokia Arrow and Phi Release Date Is September 5th

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Facebook's iPhone and iPad App Got Faster

If you're an iPhone or iPad owner and a heavy Facebook user, you know the Facebook app on iPhone and iPad has been slow. It can take time to get to a friend's profile, see updates on your newsfeed, see comments and photos. You get used to tapping your fingers.

But today Facebook is changing that. It has released Facebook 5.0 for iOS, which promises to be twice as fast as the previous version. Facebook says it will be faster to launch, faster when scrolling through the newsfeed and opening photos.

"We've rebuilt the app from the ground up, so now the app opens much faster and your news feed and notifications load right when you open Facebook," Facebook Product Manager, Mick Johnson, wrote in a blog on Facebook today. Johnson told ABC News that it took the team nine months to rewrite the entire code to make it feel like a native iOS app.

Facebook has also addressed the photo loading issue directly. Photos, it promises, will pop right up, and you can close them by swiping downward now.

In March, 488 million Facebook users (out of a total of 955 million) accessed the service via mobile apps. But Facebook has taken a lot of criticism surrounding its mobile performance. On the company's first earnings call last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised improvements to Facebook's mobile apps.

Zuckerberg denied reports of a "Facebook phone." "There are a lot of things you can build in other operating systems as well that aren't really taking, that aren't really like building out a whole phone, which wouldn't make much sense for us to do," he said. Facebook will be integrated into Apple's iOS 6 operating system, which will launch this fall.

The next app to tackle will be the Android app. Johnson wouldn't comment on unreleased products, but did say "you can reasonably expect we could do similar things on Android."

Facebook 5.0 will be available in the Apple App Store starting today.

From: abcnews

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple beats Microsoft's market value record, thanks to iPhone

According to Forbes, recently data indicate that Apple, only sales of the iPhone business more than the total sales of all Microsoft products. Yesterday, Apple's market value climbed past $623 billion, surpassing the record set by Microsoft during the heyday of technology stocks in 1999.

Forbes said that Apple's iPhone sales reached $ 22.7 billion up to March 31, 2012; while since 1975, Microsoft total sales reached $ 17.4 billion for all products, including the Windows operating system, Office software, Xbox consoles, the search Bing, Windows Phone, mobile phones and so on.

Rumors have said Apple will launch iPhone 5 and iPad mini in September. Thanks to this good news, which leads to the company shares rose on Monday, pushing Apple become the biggest U.S. company, at $623.52 billion, taking away the crown held by Microsoft Corp, since its December 1999 market valuation at $616.34 billion. However, if taking the inflation into account, the market value of Microsoft's record is still ahead of Apple, Microsoft's market capitalization in 1999 hit record $ 842.5 billion in the equivalent of today. 

That is to say, Apple beats Microsoft's market value record, main thanks for iPhone. Another date also shows that. According to data from Experian Hitwise, search variations on "iPhone 5" have been on the rise all year, but peaked during the week ending Aug. 18 when searches grew 128 percent over the previous week.

In addition to searching for "iPhone 5," Web users have also been scouring the Internet for details about "leaked iPhone 5," as rumored images of the next-gen phone have popped up online.

Experian also said iPad mini searches have been on the rise since April, when DigiTimes reported that protoypes of a new iPad with a 7.85-inch display had been delivered to Apple.

Now A trusted Verizon employee has just confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier is having an all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of Friday, September 21 to September 30, which reveals the new iPhone will launch On Friday, September 21.

Through Steve Jobs leadership, Apple create the most dominant and innovative product on the market. But How far will Apple go? Can Apple continue to maintain its market monopoly status in the future? It still remains to see.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apple market capitalization crosses the $ 600 billion mark

Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, Shares of it on Friday rose around one percent on the US bourse pushing the iPhone maker's market capitalization to $603 billion.

By stimulation of the new iPhone, iPad, and rumors of the new set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Apple's stock price quickly raised a new record high. On 17, Apple shares closed at $ 648.11 per share, the market value of the company up to $ 607.54 billion. 

Apple hit record high in April of this year last time, when the shares closed at $ 644 per share. However, the share followed by a U-turn down, fell to about $ 530.

Rumors have always cared about when the new generation of Apple's mobile phone and Tablet PC will be available in the market. In addition, rumors pointed out that Apple is working with several of the largest U.S. cable operators to start negotiations that act an Apple device as set-top box, in order to provide TV content and other content to the Users.

Some analysts believe that Apple's stock price could reach $ 900.

Tuobika White, capital markets analyst of U.S. investment bank, believes Apple's stock price will reach $ 1,111 next year. White also believes that the new products will push Apple's stock price continued to rise, and the stock still has a huge upside. The Apple counter surged on reports that it would launch iPhone 5 in early September 

In fact, at this point, the most persistent rumor about timing is that Apple will unveil and release it on Sept. 21. According to iMore, Apple will expand the international rollout of the iPhone 5 in early October.

According to the rumors, it seems likely that the new iPhone will boast a bigger, 4-inch screen. Thus far, all iPhones have had a 3.5-inch screen, but as competing Android devices push the limit of what the average hand can hold – the Galaxy Note "phablet" is a 5.3-inch number – Apple needs to up the ante. It's also pretty likely that 4G LTE connectivity will be part of the iPhone 5 equation; the new iPad already boasts this option.

What the new iPhone and Mini iPad will be like and how they will change the Apple. It remains to see.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to burn a London 2012 Olympic video to DVD

The London 2012 Olympic Games ended on August 13. After the breathtaking opening ceremony a fortnight ago, the closing ceremony had a lot to remembered, with it went to be a big party. The last two weeks have been a legend. It is truly incredible for me.

Everyone have his own favorite memory in his mind during the Olympic times. May you like the Opening Ceremony most, or the Men’s Basketball Games make you feel exciting. But do you have think to burn the most impressive video to DVD for enjoy? With that, it allows you to experience the excitement of the 2012 London Olympics and highlights of the opening and closing ceremonies, and also review the most exciting moments of the games including Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, The Fab American Women’s gymnasts and more.

Then you can have your family and friends come to your place to watch and to relive these great memories every time.

Here I will introduce you How to burn the 2012 Olympic video to DVD with a program called Leawo DVD Creator.

Preparation Work: Install the program and launch it.

Full Guide

Step 1: Click the“Add video" button or the icon to load the video you want to burn, then it will show on the interface.

Step 2: Click the“Edit" button to edit the video. You can freely customize video files: Trim, Crop, Effect, Watermark, etc.

Step 3: On the right side of the Drop-down menu, you can choose the various DVD disc menu and templates. You can also customize menu and templates if you like.

Step 4: Click the "Burn to DVD" button to do more settings for burning video to DVD, after that click the "burn now" button to convert and burn video to DVD right now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for a Healthy Rest

Rumors have said that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12. Pre-orders will be available on that date in the United States, but the smartphones won't be available until September 21. The second wave of sales, in international markets, will start the first week of October. Apple's device is a favorite to many users, like iPhone, iPad; but obsession in it will affect the work and rest. The App Store providing a large number of entertainment applications, but also provides a lot Apps for better rest at the same time. Here are some iPhone apps that do a favor to your rest.

The first step: sleep in time

You may be going to sleep in 10 minutes, but suddenly you see an interesting application, and then carried away to play. You may now be adults; parents will not be nagging you to go to bed early. In order to make life back on track, you need the iPhone application, such as Nag.

Nag can easily set more reminded timer. You do not need multiple clicks to set a single click, add a period of time, such as 5 minutes, 10 classifications. The reminder is ongoing, but not let you choose to close it. If the phone is muted, reminder would not start, that is to say Nag only inform you related matters.

Nag, it is not only used to alert the user to go to bed on time. In fact,you also need Nag remind you to close the application in time.

Step Two: quiet sleep

Sometimes, even you close your eyes, you may not sleep. At this time, you will need to let the brain to quiet down. The common ways to solve it is used white noise generator or listen to the decompression of music. App Store offers a lot of similar applications.

Here recommended an application to you which is called sleep. It is developed by Red Hammer Software. As with many similar applications, Sleep provides a variety of soothing sound and picture. Sleep soundboard features particularly well, you can match different sound in need.

The third step: to monitor their own

In fact, many people will be balderdash. So, do you want the iPhone to taking of these voices? Sleep Talk Recorder is that an interesting application.

Sleep Talk Recorder can admit your daydream and night sound. However, it is not a simple recording application. Sleep Talk Recorder with the function of sound filtering, it can be quickly activated in the main time. It provides a user-friendly timeline; you can easily browse the sound recordings.
In addition, users can also share these recordings on Facebook or Twitter.

The fourth step: get up

Get up in the morning is a painful event for somebody, so you need an excellent alarm clock application, in order to reduce the "pain".
The ideal alarm clock application should cover many aspects. In addition to wake you up in the morning, it should also have a great interface, to provide practical information, and the alarm sounds should be very rich.

Night Stand for iPad is an alarm clock application as describe. It provides you the global weather information, and can be associated with Twitter, Facebook and RSS subscription, also the alarm interface is fine, and its background can be set to a video or photo slideshows. Of course, you can set up your own music into a ringtone.

Sleep is the mainstay of life, deprived of it will seriously affect your health. Hope all of us have a good rest every day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Apple plans domination with iPhone5 and iPad mini launch

As a worldwide gathering activity, the 2012 London Olympics Games finally ends on Sunday in August. It is a perfect end to a near perfect Olympics which you can watch Olympics Closing Ceremony with your iPhone and iPad.

Then you may look forward to what will happen in September? The good news is: The new iPhone and iPad mini will release in September, according to the rumors.

The iPhone 5 release date could be on us quickly, as the favored September 12 announcement from Apple is only a month away. It is reported that the market generally believe that Apple iPhone will release on September 12 this year, while at the same time the company may also release the iPad the mini.

But I think it is not wise for Apple to release the new iPhone and iPad at the same time.

According to the latest survey of CouponCodes4u,the result show that majority of U.S. consumers would prefer the iPhone 5 rather than iPad mini, so it is not a good decision for Apple released iPhone 5 and the iPad mini at the same time

Apple may release the two products at the same time, but most consumers cannot bear the expenditure to buy both of them. The survey showed that if faced with the choice, 78 percent of Americans will buy the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 5) rather than the 7-inch iPad mini.

CouponCodes4u also conducted a survey in 1873 American consumers about why they choose the iPhone, 46% of them said they thought getting the iPad mini is "meaningless". And 39% of people said that compared with the iPad, they need a new iPhone.

Also, in fact, it is not necessary if Apple want to beat Samsung with the iPad Mini in the Tablet market.

According to the latest news, it show that from the fourth quarter of 2010 to mid-2012, Samsung Electronics in the U.S. market, sold 1.4 million units Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, $ 644 million in revenue. While during the same period, iPad in the U.S. market, sales reached 29.7 million on revenue of $ 14.8 billion. 

That is to say, the Samsung Electronics Tablet PC sales in the U.S. market are far less than the iPad sales. 

So, Apple can take it easy to release the new iPhone and iPad Mini at different times.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 features Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 will remove

According to the reports of pcworld, compared to iPhone 4S, the new generation of iPhone hardware design will be a lot different. Many of Google's products will disappear as Apple rolls out new iOS 6 or be replaced by Apple's own products. The hardware design changes will be a headache in the short term, but it has its own advantages in a long time.

While Apple has not yet officially released the new iPhone, but according to the latest reports, as well as the released iOS beta previously, we have make sure that the next generation iPhone will abandoned the following four features:

Google Maps

Apple developed their own map application based on the acquisition of Map Company, and completely gives up Google Maps on iOS 6. 

The iOS 3D map applications uses a vector-based engine that keeps text crisp, graphics clear, and panning and zooming smooth and responsive, it have turn-by-turn navigation and other features, but it miss a very important characteristic: Google Street View. Google has developed iOS version of the Earth application, it is likely they will develop a stand-alone Google Maps application to meet the iOS user.

YouTube Apps
YouTube app will disappear from iPhone screens as Apple rolls out new iOS 6. While Google said they are developing YouTube iOS applications currently, and in the future, this application will be added to the catalog on App Store.

It doesn’t seem to be a big problem for the user for lack of YouTube application. They can view YouTube videos directly in Mobile Safari. 

In developing its own YouTube app, Google will also have the ability to introduce advertisements in the app , and also update the app with new features more often. In Apple’s hands, the YouTube app has seen very little improvements over the years.

30-pin connector

The new generation iPhone is likely to use the 19 pin connector; this change might have an impact on the current 30-pin connector accessories market. Apple used 30-pin connector since the first generation iPod, and Apple needs a smaller connector in order to make the new iPhone thinner and to incorporate a 4G radio.


The iPhone may use a smaller gauge SIM card-nanoSIM, According to French nowhereelse. It is smaller than the MicroSIM. Apple strongly recommended use this new nanoSIM card standard while compete with Nokia, Motorola. This new design has the same function as the current SIM card.

NanoSIM card may make the iPhone's internal design change; and the user can feel the transition changes. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone 5 puts Galaxy SIII in its place

You will find a lot of Android owners explaining why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than Apple’s phone, although the iPhone 5 is expected to put Samsung’s flagship phone in its place over the next year. In terms of sales the iPhone 5 is predicted to shift over 250m units in total, and this is compared to 50m for the Galaxy S3, which only confirms that no single smartphone can compete with the iPhone.

The secret iPhone 5 release date – Apple’s success lies in the hype their products build before launch, which is partly due to the secretive way Apple do business. Silence about every detail of the iPhone 5 is key to Apple’s marketing with 2012 being no different, and the fall launch should create a platform that results in around 100 million more iPhones selling than the 4S model (sold more than 150m).

Asymco is a company that tracks the numbers when it comes to a range of data, and their latest report has taken a look at the expected numbers for iPhone 5, although they’ve also taken a look at the total sales for each generation of iPhone to date. You can see these figures in the image below that displays cumulative sales for the generations and the iPhone 5 prediction in comparison.

Why can no other phone reach anywhere near the total number of iPhone sales each generation? The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best Android phones to date, and this device is expected to be 200 million sales short of the iPhone 5, so this will leave some of our readers wondering why no brand can come anywhere near Apple on a phone vs. phone basis.

It is fair to say that the choice of Samsung smartphones only dilutes the sales of each device, and if Samsung had one phone then that device would sell a lot more. You can see an image below that is widely expected to be the design of the 6th generation iPhone, which should be a little bit longer but no wider although some people would prefer a lot more width as well. It looks like the final iPhone 5 design will not stop the eventual sales that will set a new record.

Are you going to be one of the first to pick-up an iPhone 5, or would you prefer an Android smartphone instead? Why do you think each iPhone sells a lot more than any other phone? While we love the iPhone after owning 5 generations it seems pretty obvious to us that Samsung are aiming for a range of options rather than focusing their sales total on one design, although Apple’s focus on one design is preferred by millions of fans and the sales forecast shows this.

From: product-reviews

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Samsung vs Apple: secrets of iPhone's early days revealed

Samsung slavishly copied Apple's smartphone design, two Apple executives argue in court, as they lay out how the iPhone was created and marketed. Samsung has countersued, saying its patents were copied.

With Apple Inc. legend Steve Jobs gone and current CEO Tim Cook conspicuously absent, Apple on Friday put two of its rock-star executives on the stand as ammunition in its multibillion-dollar patent showdown with Samsung Electronics Co., including a software guru who assembled the design team for the original iPhone.

In several hours of testimony, Apple software chief Scott Forstall described the early days of iPhone development, revealing that the secret design work was dubbed the “Purple Project” and engineers toiled in an insulated “Purple dorm.” Forstall also told a federal court jury he pinned a note on the door of the dorm, “Fight Club,” a reference to the movie’s screed to ensure what happened behind closed doors remained there.

Forstall’s testimony was aimed at buttressing Apple’s legal argument that it went to great lengths to develop products such as the iPhone and iPad, which the Cupertino company maintains have been “slavishly copied” by rival Samsung. Forstall told the jury the secrecy was needed because Apple was making a new phone “out of whole cloth.”

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller also testified as the epic trial ended its first week before a seven-man, two-woman jury. Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages against Samsung for patent infringement and trade dress violations, while Samsung has countersued, alleging Apple has copied its patents.

Schiller, against the backdrop of a video slide showing Apple spent more than $1 billion on U.S. advertising on the iPhone and iPad between 2008 and 2011, told the jury Samsung’s copying has fostered consumer confusion and made it harder to market Apple products.

“Samsung has ripped off a number of our design elements,” Schiller said.

In questioning both Schiller and Forstall, Samsung lawyers tried to poke holes in Apple’s argument that it was a lone innovator in the smartphone and tablet world, suggesting Apple was guilty of imitating competitors as much as any company.

Both witnesses were confronted with internal Apple emails among top executives discussing “tear-downs” and reviews of rival products, including Samsung’s.

The Apple executives said it was common to review competitors’ products, but distinguished that from copying designs.

Schiller encountered one tense moment when a Samsung attorney asked him if the iPhone 5, set to be released in September, would have a different design than the iPhone 4S.

Schiller declined to discuss the design, saying it was confidential.

The trial proceeded Friday after U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple’s bid to end the case immediately with a judgment in its favor. Apple had urged Koh to make that finding based on a controversial Samsung news release sent out earlier in the week that decried some of the judge’s rulings barring some of its evidence.

Koh condemned Samsung’s legal team for its “theatrics” and “sideshow,” but refused to stop the trial. She did take the unusual step of polling the jury on whether they have read any media accounts, but they all said they had steered clear of such reports.

The trial resumes Monday morning with the testimony of another Samsung executive and several Apple experts.

From: csmonitor

Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Download YouTube Olympics Videos to iPhone/iPhone 4s/iPad

It’s the seventh day of the 2012 Olympic Games holding in London. During this period, many people watch the live Olympic Games through the TV set or in online live stream; while other people watch videos on computer free of charge via Internet from online video sharing sites like YouTube. And sometimes many people even want to save the Olympic Games videos on computer or on its portable device like iPhone/iPad. I think it is a good idea for you to download the Olympic Games video to your iPhone or iPad so that you can enjoy it anywhere at any time

Here I recommend a good program of free YouTube video downloader and converter:  Leawo Free YouTube Downloader, which can download any flash videos on web pages like: YouTube, Google video, iFilm, MySpace, Dailymotion, etc. And it can also convert those downloaded flash videos to other popular video/audio formats in order to play on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung galaxy SIII and so on.

Guide: how to download Olympic Games videos to iPhone/iPad from YouTube 

Program you need: Free YouTube Downloader

1.Download Leawo Free YouTube Downloader and install it on your computer. Launch the program. Visit and open the Olympic Games videos you are going to download.

2.Choose the video you want to download,you can choose a series one time, click the download button. Set the properties of the download video formats that the device you owned support.

3.Finally, click “Convert” button to start converting downloaded Olympic Games video to iPhone/ iPad.

When the conversion completes, you can transfer the converted Olympic Games videos to your iPhone/iPad through iTunes! Then you can enjoy it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Guide: Why You Shouldn't Buy an iPhone Right Now

The new iPhone 5 is said to release on September 12. Then a lot of questions appeared. Whether I should wait to the new iPhone 5 or buy an iPhone now?

My answer to those who ask if they should wait is a resounding yes. Why? The long-winded answer to that one is below in a rumor round-up.

Design, Screen

The design of the iPhone hasn't changed in the last two years, but that's expected to change with the next phone.

Numerous news outlets (The Wall Street Journal, 9to5Mac, iLounge, etc.) have reported that the next iPhone will have a 4- or 3.95-inch screen, as opposed to the 3.5-inch screen that has been a constant on all generations of the iPhone. From the photos, the screen makes the phone taller, though not much wider.

There's also more info out there about the screen: It will apparently use the second generation of Corning's tough Gorilla Glass, which is thinner but still just as durable. Also, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has engineered a liquid crystal display with the touch screen built right into it (called in-cell technology). Currently the touch screen is a layer on top of the LCD.

New Dock Connector

The dock connector -- another major iPhone constant -- is expected to change. The dock connector or charging port on the phone is rumored to be smaller than the one on the iPhone 4S. This has been reported by a number of sources and the leaked images show a smaller port (Reuters reported that the 30-pin port would be replaced by a 19-pin connector). Additionally, the leaked photos show that the headphone jack will be relocated to the bottom of the phone.

Apple recently changed the charging port on its new MacBook Pro with Retina Display and sells adaptors so you can use old charging cables with the laptop. It's likely that Apple will do the same for the next iPhone.

Google Android Market Share Declines in US, Apple iOS Gains Ground

Some time ago, The Patent trials between Apple and Samsung reached a new climax all over the world. But In the U.S. market, Apple's performance is still strong in sales of its smartphones, and is rapidly catching up to Google android. This is good news for Apple, since Android phone has always been the biggest competitor of iPhone. Through the medium, high, low price range strategy makes Android occupied most of the global mobile phone market.

The experts announced that the performance of the Apple iPhone in the U.S. market has fully proved that the price is not all the factors that decided the sales. It is reported that Apple is expected to continue to expand their leading edge in the future, because, according to the latest survey, it shows that a large number of the iOS loyal users are planning to buy the new generation of iPhone that everyone think will be released in September..

In addition, according to the latest survey of Strategy Analytics, it shows that the demand for U.S. iOS devices is increase gradually .The report revealed that in the second quarter of 2012, Android's market share dropped from 60.6 percent a year ago to 56.3 percent of the Smartphone Operating System market in the U.S., while Apple's iOS rose by 10 points from 23.2 percent in the second quarter of 2011 to 33.2 percent this year.

According to StatCounter statistics, the iPhone Internet users are more than the users of Android phones in the United States. In the first quarter of 2012, the iPhone traffic market Share in the nation's smartphone traffic market accounted for 47 percent, while Android phones accounted for 41.42%. And in the end of the second quarter, it respectively accounting for 49.3% and 40.3%, the gap increased to nine percent.


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