Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apple market capitalization crosses the $ 600 billion mark

Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, Shares of it on Friday rose around one percent on the US bourse pushing the iPhone maker's market capitalization to $603 billion.

By stimulation of the new iPhone, iPad, and rumors of the new set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Apple's stock price quickly raised a new record high. On 17, Apple shares closed at $ 648.11 per share, the market value of the company up to $ 607.54 billion. 

Apple hit record high in April of this year last time, when the shares closed at $ 644 per share. However, the share followed by a U-turn down, fell to about $ 530.

Rumors have always cared about when the new generation of Apple's mobile phone and Tablet PC will be available in the market. In addition, rumors pointed out that Apple is working with several of the largest U.S. cable operators to start negotiations that act an Apple device as set-top box, in order to provide TV content and other content to the Users.

Some analysts believe that Apple's stock price could reach $ 900.

Tuobika White, capital markets analyst of U.S. investment bank, believes Apple's stock price will reach $ 1,111 next year. White also believes that the new products will push Apple's stock price continued to rise, and the stock still has a huge upside. The Apple counter surged on reports that it would launch iPhone 5 in early September 

In fact, at this point, the most persistent rumor about timing is that Apple will unveil and release it on Sept. 21. According to iMore, Apple will expand the international rollout of the iPhone 5 in early October.

According to the rumors, it seems likely that the new iPhone will boast a bigger, 4-inch screen. Thus far, all iPhones have had a 3.5-inch screen, but as competing Android devices push the limit of what the average hand can hold – the Galaxy Note "phablet" is a 5.3-inch number – Apple needs to up the ante. It's also pretty likely that 4G LTE connectivity will be part of the iPhone 5 equation; the new iPad already boasts this option.

What the new iPhone and Mini iPad will be like and how they will change the Apple. It remains to see.

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