Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple iPad Mini: new features to the new iPad

Rumors have said that, Apple will hold a huge party on September 12 to release a new iPhone to the world, while at the same time the company will release its iPad Mini in October. Also according to CNET, the iPad Mini will sell at $249 to maintain its dominance. Now let’s forecast what new feature the new iPad Mini will bring to us.

1. 7.85-inch screen

Kindle Fire features a 7-inch display, but that does not mean that Apple need to emulate it. 7.85-inch screen may be the best choose.

Yesterday on Blorge, report said that the iPad Mini, which would feature a 7.85-inch non-Retina display, compared to the popular 10-inch version of the current iPad. That's a direct challenge for the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

2.The home button may disappear

The iPad Mini screen is smaller than the iPad2, so the physical home button seems unnecessary.

3. iOS 6

The new ios6 will take the new iPad Mini in entirely new direction with more features. The Maps designed by Apple, the Updated Siri,  better web browsing ,etc.

4. Price
The retail cost of the Mini is probably $299 (£190) or thereabouts.That is to say the new iPad Mini will be hard to stop even though Google’s Nexus 7 tablet sell at $199. Now Ads for the $199 Nexus 7 tablet are everywhere these days, including Google's usually-pristine search page which shows Google is already anticipating the imminent arrival of the iPad Mini in the U.S.


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