Sunday, August 26, 2012

Microsoft: Other Big Winner impact of Apple defeat of Samsung

Defeat in patent lawsuit with Apple, Samsung’s Asian markets drifted lower Monday in early trading; open a door for Microsoft Corp entered the prosperity smartphone market as manufacturers of Android-based smartphone and tablets weigh their legal risks.

Probably Microsoft will not increase its market share from this isolated incident immediately, but it strengthens their competitive position on Apple. Meanwhile, Microsoft was able to provide a safe harbor to Android vendors in against with Apple. After Apple defeats Samsung in US patent lawsuit, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers will consider Windows Phone as a risk-averse means.

The key reason: fear of patent lawsuits from Apple.

The California Company’s battle with Samsung was in large measure a proxy war against Google Inc.’s Android software, which is used by many manufacturers to run its mobile devices. The verdict could empower Apple to file more such lawsuits.

"Some of the other manufacturers of Android products like ourselves are prepared to face similar lawsuits from Apple," a senior executive with a major Chinese mobile maker told Reuters on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to talk to the media.

"The Apple-Samsung lawsuit has given us some reference point on our future innovation. We'll focus on developing our own unique user interface based on the Android platform.

"Even though the bulk of our shipments run on Android, the trend is to diversify into other products running on Windows," the executive added, predicting that the percentage of Windows-based smartphone shipments would increase significantly, from less than 10 percent now to around a third over the next few years.

Consumer Appeal:  Nokia pioneer

The new Windows Phone operating system can become a third-party choice mainly depend on the Nokia. The trading patterns between them are an example of other mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate with Microsoft.

Now Nokia sales slow mean Nokia is in trouble, but the mobile phone manufacturer is confident of its unique design. And the new Windows Phone 8 is attractive. 

As partner, Samsung did not launch a stand out Windows Phone handsets. Constantly under pressure from Apple, Samsung may turn to the Windows Phone System. Loss in this patent lawsuit, Samsung may realize that they should not pay all the intention on Android.

The answer will know not far in the future. Rumors have said that Windows Phone 8 Nokia Arrow and Phi Release Date Is September 5th

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