Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple beats Microsoft's market value record, thanks to iPhone

According to Forbes, recently data indicate that Apple, only sales of the iPhone business more than the total sales of all Microsoft products. Yesterday, Apple's market value climbed past $623 billion, surpassing the record set by Microsoft during the heyday of technology stocks in 1999.

Forbes said that Apple's iPhone sales reached $ 22.7 billion up to March 31, 2012; while since 1975, Microsoft total sales reached $ 17.4 billion for all products, including the Windows operating system, Office software, Xbox consoles, the search Bing, Windows Phone, mobile phones and so on.

Rumors have said Apple will launch iPhone 5 and iPad mini in September. Thanks to this good news, which leads to the company shares rose on Monday, pushing Apple become the biggest U.S. company, at $623.52 billion, taking away the crown held by Microsoft Corp, since its December 1999 market valuation at $616.34 billion. However, if taking the inflation into account, the market value of Microsoft's record is still ahead of Apple, Microsoft's market capitalization in 1999 hit record $ 842.5 billion in the equivalent of today. 

That is to say, Apple beats Microsoft's market value record, main thanks for iPhone. Another date also shows that. According to data from Experian Hitwise, search variations on "iPhone 5" have been on the rise all year, but peaked during the week ending Aug. 18 when searches grew 128 percent over the previous week.

In addition to searching for "iPhone 5," Web users have also been scouring the Internet for details about "leaked iPhone 5," as rumored images of the next-gen phone have popped up online.

Experian also said iPad mini searches have been on the rise since April, when DigiTimes reported that protoypes of a new iPad with a 7.85-inch display had been delivered to Apple.

Now A trusted Verizon employee has just confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier is having an all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of Friday, September 21 to September 30, which reveals the new iPhone will launch On Friday, September 21.

Through Steve Jobs leadership, Apple create the most dominant and innovative product on the market. But How far will Apple go? Can Apple continue to maintain its market monopoly status in the future? It still remains to see.

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