Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best iPhone Apps for a Healthy Rest

Rumors have said that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12. Pre-orders will be available on that date in the United States, but the smartphones won't be available until September 21. The second wave of sales, in international markets, will start the first week of October. Apple's device is a favorite to many users, like iPhone, iPad; but obsession in it will affect the work and rest. The App Store providing a large number of entertainment applications, but also provides a lot Apps for better rest at the same time. Here are some iPhone apps that do a favor to your rest.

The first step: sleep in time

You may be going to sleep in 10 minutes, but suddenly you see an interesting application, and then carried away to play. You may now be adults; parents will not be nagging you to go to bed early. In order to make life back on track, you need the iPhone application, such as Nag.

Nag can easily set more reminded timer. You do not need multiple clicks to set a single click, add a period of time, such as 5 minutes, 10 classifications. The reminder is ongoing, but not let you choose to close it. If the phone is muted, reminder would not start, that is to say Nag only inform you related matters.

Nag, it is not only used to alert the user to go to bed on time. In fact,you also need Nag remind you to close the application in time.

Step Two: quiet sleep

Sometimes, even you close your eyes, you may not sleep. At this time, you will need to let the brain to quiet down. The common ways to solve it is used white noise generator or listen to the decompression of music. App Store offers a lot of similar applications.

Here recommended an application to you which is called sleep. It is developed by Red Hammer Software. As with many similar applications, Sleep provides a variety of soothing sound and picture. Sleep soundboard features particularly well, you can match different sound in need.

The third step: to monitor their own

In fact, many people will be balderdash. So, do you want the iPhone to taking of these voices? Sleep Talk Recorder is that an interesting application.

Sleep Talk Recorder can admit your daydream and night sound. However, it is not a simple recording application. Sleep Talk Recorder with the function of sound filtering, it can be quickly activated in the main time. It provides a user-friendly timeline; you can easily browse the sound recordings.
In addition, users can also share these recordings on Facebook or Twitter.

The fourth step: get up

Get up in the morning is a painful event for somebody, so you need an excellent alarm clock application, in order to reduce the "pain".
The ideal alarm clock application should cover many aspects. In addition to wake you up in the morning, it should also have a great interface, to provide practical information, and the alarm sounds should be very rich.

Night Stand for iPad is an alarm clock application as describe. It provides you the global weather information, and can be associated with Twitter, Facebook and RSS subscription, also the alarm interface is fine, and its background can be set to a video or photo slideshows. Of course, you can set up your own music into a ringtone.

Sleep is the mainstay of life, deprived of it will seriously affect your health. Hope all of us have a good rest every day.

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