Monday, October 29, 2012

Google Nexus 10 tablet vs iPad 4, beats the iPad at a price of $399

Google on Monday introduced a new Nexus 4 smartphone developed together with LG to take on Apple's iPhone 5, launched a new version of its Nexus 7 tablet with cellular data connectivity, and a 10-inch iPad competitor named the Nexus 10 partnered with Samsung, which is the ultimate tablet for watching movies or reading magazines, Google said in its official blog. The Google Nexus 10 will be available from the Google Play Store in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Japan for $399 and up.

The series of new products all run Android 4.2, what the company called a "new flavor" of its mobile operating system code-named Jelly Bean.

The products were initially planned to be unveiled at a media event in New York, but Hurricane Sandy prompted the search company to cancel its media presentation. As such, the new products were simply unveiled via a press release on Monday.

As far as we know, the higher-end of Google's tablets–the Nexus 10–was built to go toe-to-toe with the iPad. How does it compare to Apple's market-leading slate? Let's take a look …


The Nexus 10 is thinner than the iPad, with slightly more oblong dimensions.


The Nexus 10 is a bit lighter than the iPad 4

The Nexus 10 is a bit lighter than the iPad, despite its slightly larger display.


The display is where things get real interesting here. The 10.055-inch Nexus 10 has a 300ppi display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The slightly smaller 9.7-inch IPS LED display on the iPad 4th generation model has 264ppi and a display of 2048 x 1536.

There are other differences, as the Nexus utilizes Super AMOLED technology, next to the iPad's IPS. We look forward to getting these remarkable displays next to each other for some real-world comparisons.


The A6X should be a screamer, but Samsung's Exynos is no slouch either

The Nexus 10 packs Samsung's dual core Exynos chip, while the iPad 4 carries the Apple A6X (also manufactured by Samsung). This will also get more interesting with hands-on time, but one thing we can make sure is that both tablets should perform well.


Cameras look pretty close

At least on paper, cameras look close. Both sport 5MP rear shooters, with the Nexus 10 having a higher-megapixel front-facing camera.


The Nexus 10 (probably) doubles the iPad's RAM

The 4th-generation iPad's 1GB of RAM is unconfirmed, but we suspect it carries the same amount as the 3rd generation iPad. The Nexus 10, meanwhile, brings a full 2GB.


Apart from the iPad's 64GB option, we're all even here

Apart from the iPad's pricier 64GB option, storage options are even. The big story here is that the Nexus 10 undercuts the iPad's equivalent models by US$100.


For now, the Nexus 10 is Wi-Fi only

The Nexus 10 launches as a Wi-Fi only affair, but it's possible that Google will later offer a mobile data-equipped version. The iPad is available in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G/LTE models.


The new Jellybean has some new features, but can it make up for the App Store's superior t...

The Nexus 10 ships with the updated version of Jellybean, Android 4.2. It's a relatively minor update, but it adds some new features like Photo Sphere (a 360 degree panorama photo tool), updated Google Now, and multiple user accounts. It also adds a Swype-like trace keyboard, built right into stock Android.

The biggest weakness of Android tablets, though, is still their native tablet app selection. This is where the iOS App Store excels, with its 275,000+ library of tablet-specific applications. If the Nexus 10 – along with its little brother, the Nexus 7 – is popular enough, that gap could soon shrink. It already has, to some degree. For now, however, too many Android tablet apps are still stretched-out smartphone apps.

For many shoppers, the most important category will be price. Here the Nexus 10 has a big advantage. Google and Samsung wisely undercut the iPad, selling the 16GB model for US$399. A tablet is a big purchase, and it will be interesting to see how many holiday shoppers opt for the cheaper – yet arguably more powerful –Nexus 10.

Summing up: 

The Nexus 10 are getting it into customers' hands on Nov. 13  at a price of $399 for 16GB of storage and $499 for 32GB..

With the top-notch hardware, aggressive pricing, updated version of Jellybean, the device could position itself as a long-term threat to iPad. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Download Halloween Wallpapers for iPhone 5

The Halloween is just around the corner and the atmosphere is filled with pumpkins, skeletons, bonfires, horror movies and other scary things spread across the houses, stores and, of course, the popular iPhone. Today, I collected a list of Halloween wallpapers for iPhone 5 for those who are Apple fans.

1. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136- Ghosts

2. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136- Halloween Night Wallpaper

3. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136- Carved Apple

4. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136- Pacman Halloween

5. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136

6. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136

 7. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136

 8. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136

 9. Free Download Halloween iPhone5 Wallpaper 640x1136

Beside this, you can download the App in App Store to help you to download HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free for iPhone 5.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know

The iPad Mini is finally here. Apple has officially unveiled its iPad Mini, with a thinner and lighter design, which is really light and thin at 0.68 pounds and 7.2 millimeters. As the name suggest, it is a small version of the company’s popular iPad tablet, with a new 7.9-inch screen.

Frankly speaking, it has better specs and it's thinner and lighter than the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, but much more expensive too.

1. Price and availability

The iPad mini starts at $329 for the Wi-Fi-only version with 16GB capacity. Higher capacities and 4G LTE options are available. Prices for Wi-Fi-only versions are: $429 for 32GB and $529 for 64GB. For the cellular versions, prices are $459, $559 and $659 for 16, 32 and 64GB, respectively. Pre-orders begin Oct. 26. Wi-Fi devices ship Nov. 2 and the cellular models will come about two weeks later, said marketing chief Phil Schiller at an event in San Jose, Calif.
If you were hoping for a $250 starting point, to some extent, you may feel disappointment.

The Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 don't have LTE support at any price point. On the Wi-Fi front, however, both Android tablets have a much better price, specially the Fire HD, which is $199 for the 16GB model. The $199 Nexus 7 will only get you 8GB.

2. The screen

The iPad Mini, with a screen that measures 7.9 inches diagonally, has a larger surface than the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD, which both of them have a 7-inch screen. The area of the iPad Mini is smaller than the regular iPad, but it's significantly larger than the panoramic Android 7-inch tablets. Here is a comparison.

In fact, the iPad mini's screen has 35% more real estate than the Nexus 7. According to Apple, that gives you a 50% larger surface to browse the web in portrait mode and 67% larger in landscape mode.

It's yet to be seen if the size difference will affect consumer’s decision. My guess is yes, if consumers think the price is competitive enough. Are all the features and the thinner, lighter and prettier design worth the price differential with the Kindle Fire HD? $130 is a lot of money.

The pixel resolution is 1024 x 769 pixels. It's not as dense as the iPad 3 and 4, but at that size it will be much sharper than the previous generations.

3. Cameras

It has a front-facing FaceTime 720p camera, which is better than the one in the iPad 2. It's comparable to the Nexus 7, which is 1.2 megapixels too. The iPad has a backside illuminated sensor and, like its older sibling, it supports Face detection.
But it comes with a 5 megapixel camera on the back. This is something that neither the Nexus 7 nor the Kindle Fire HD have.

4. Processor

iPad Mini uses the same dual-core A5 processor, and it probably comes with the same RAM as the old iPad: 512MB.  Apple says it's basically the same (or better) guts but in a reduced package. Both the Fire HD and the Nexus 7 come with 1GB of RAM. We will have to wait to learn how much RAM it has, though. Perhaps this has been upgraded too.

5. Battery life

Apple claims a 10 hour battery life surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music, using its 16.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

The Nexus 7 is rated by Google at 8 hours. Amazon says that their Fire HD has 11 hours.

At its event, Apple revealed it has sold more than 100 million iPads since the product was first introduced in 2010. Obviously, the smaller iPad is clearly aimed at classrooms and readers, two sectors where frills aren't exactly necessary. Whether iPad Mini can sell as well as iPad or not, wait to see in the future.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apple iPad Mini Rumors Roundup: This is all what we know till now

Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini (or iPad Air as it may be called) at an event on October 23 . At the same time, according to a few rumors, TechCrunch being the latest, the message that seems to be consistently coming forward is that the new iPad mini is likely to be shipping on November 2.

It should be noted that this is Apple’s last big event for the year since Apple released the iPhone 5. Although Apple itself hasn’t offered any information about the tablet, or even acknowledged its existence, we have — or at least we think we have — a pretty good idea of what the company has in store thanks to various leaks and rumors.

Since Apple created the modern tablet market with the iPad, a number of companies gradually develop its own tablets, even the smaller-size tablet. Samsung firstly joined in the battle with its original Samsung Galaxy Tab debuted in 2010, and then Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire emerge. Now the tech giant –Microsoft becomes a member, which is scheduled to launch Windows 8 alongside the ARM-powered version of its Surface tablet on Oct. 26. Since then a host of different models have appeared, proving the viability of smaller tablets. Today, here we show you everything we (Probably) know about the iPad Mini.

1. iPad Mini specs
7.8 inch screen with 1,024 x 768 resolution. The resolution will probably not be retina display, but it is possible it would have the same ppi as found on the iPad 2. The tablet would be able to handle all the apps. The design will stick to the same aesthetics of the iPhone 5 with an anodized aluminum back plate rather than a plastic build.

It will have two cameras, one front facing, for FaceTime or other video chat applications, and another, higher resolution rear-facing camera on the back. Sports a lightning port connector, like the iPhone 5. Likely an A6 processor, although, some sites are suggesting it may be an A5 like the iPad 2.

2. Price
It is certainly the iPad Mini will be priced lower than the original iPad, in order to complete with the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet or Google's Nexus 7 tablet, which typically starting at $199.

Saturday's report from 9to5Mac cites unnamed sources and says that U.S. pricing for the iPad mini, or whatever Apple will call its smaller, 7.85-inch tablet, will start at $329 for the base model. This puts its price between the base 32GB iPod touch ($299) and the 16GB wi-fi only iPad 2 ($399).

The price points of the iPad mini would therefore be the following, assuming this rumor is true:
16GB wi-fi only $329
32GB wi-fi only $429
64GB wi-fi only $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular $459
32GB wi-fi + cellular $559
64GB wi-fi + cellular $659

3. Lightning Connector
Debuting earlier this year in the iPhone 5, Apple's Lightning connector will no doubt be the connector of choice for the iPad Mini (and all of its mobile products going forward).
However, that means the new tablet, much like the iPhone 5, isn’t going to work with a number of different accessories without the help of an adapter. So, if you’re hoping to use that existing iPad dock or speaker you’re probably going to be out of luck. On the other hand, if you just picked up an iPhone 5, then you have another device that can share accessories with it.

4. Launch Date
Current rumors point to Apple launching the iPad Mini a week after Tuesday’s announcement, Nov. 2. While the tablet may or may not hit stores that day, a launch in early November is certain -- capitalizing on the holiday season is an obvious part of Apple's timing.

An early November launch ensures Apple enthusiasts can pre-order the device and have it in their hands before the holiday rush, and gets the device out in time to make it on to holiday wish lists.

5. It'll Have a 7.85-Inch Screen.
The iPad Mini is thought to have a 7.85-inch display, 2 inches smaller than its big brother's, but still a bit bigger than most small-screen tablets, which are typically 7 inches.

All of our questions will be answered this Tuesday.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Best free movie Apps for iPhone to enjoy Halloween Movie

The season of Halloween is once again upon us. It’s Halloween which means it’s time to enjoy some great Halloween movie , especially Halloween Horror Movies if you are a Horror Movies fan ,while some are only interested in American Horror Story! According to Filmonic’s traffic stats, 30% of visitors were using a mobile device when viewing the site, and of the vast majority were using either an iPad or iPhone. That is to say now more and more people like to watch the videos on mobile device. For this reason I’ve decided to put together a list of movie apps for iPhone, some also can use on iPad that readers might be interested in.

5. Netflix by Netflix, Inc.

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience to you anywhere, anytime.

With the Netflix app, you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.

You can also Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices, Rate your favorite shows and movies with this app.

4. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb is the app you can use to find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows!

IMDb has one of the best online movie databases offered as well as rankings which are actually reliable. I personally use it to evaluate movie ratings, view trailers, find upcoming movie

3. Dailymotion Video Stream

Dailymotion is an app that is pretty similar to YouTube and gives you access to millions of videos anywhere and also you can upload your own content and share them with your friends. With this App, you can discover a new way to experience more than 20 millions of videos in an immersive interface. Follow your favorite users, playlists, channels by adding them to your own personalized dashboard is simple. You can also Share videos on Facebook and Twitter and Use AirPlay to watch videos on your TV

2. Flixster

This app is a good application to check out movie trailers, find showtimes, get critic reviews from Rotten Tomato , as well as discuss movie rankings together with your mates .
With the app, you can
  • Browse the top box office movies and movies opening soon
  • Look up showtimes at your favorite theater and buy tickets (from participating theaters)
  • Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
  • Watch high quality trailers
  • Stream and download full-length movies.
  • Create your own "Want to See" list, rate & review movies
  • View and manage your Netflix queue
1. YouTube

The new iPhone remove the preinstalled YouTube app. Earlier, Google released a YouTube app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that introduces a new design and functionality. Although rated low score in the App store, YouTube is still the most popular video-sharing website. There are "tens of thousands more videos" available with this app than you had with the old, built-in app, according to Google. With this YouTube app, you can watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS.  Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Choose the right tablet for you, iPad Mini or Android tablets?

The Apple iPad Mini is said to launch at a special event on October 23, according to All Things D. After a hard long wait, Apple's iPad mini event has been moved from the rumored October 10 to 17 date range to the current expectation of the October 23. The “Apple iPad Mini” ,which will have a smaller screen, is expected to sport a 7.85-inch screen , designed to compete with tablets from Samsung and Amazon —like the Google Nexus 7, or the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

According to the rumor roundup, Highlights of iPad Mini rumors are below.
  • Expect to running on iOS 6
  • Using the new Lightning charging and syncing port
  • A new price between the iPhone 5 at $200 and the iPad 2 at $400
Including the iPad Mini, there are lists of 7-inch tablets of iPad mini’s strong competitors in the market. How to choose the right tablet for you becomes a problem naturally. By comparing to other tablets, the following list can give you the advice about how to choose the right tablets.

4. Barnes & Noble Nook HD

The Nook HD is a 7-inch tablet that looks a lot like the Nook Tablet, with some notable enhancements. The latest released 7 inch tablet is Barnes & Noble Nook HD which won't be available until later this month. With a new redesigned interface, extremely light weight, microSD storage expansion, 1,140x900-pixel-resolution screen, and the inclusion of the fastest processor yet in a 7-inch tablet, the 1.3GHz OMAP 4470. At $199, the Nook HD will be a big competitor to iPad Mini.

Related article: Hands On With the Barnes & Noble Nook HD

3. Amazon Kindle Fire HD

If you're an Amazon Prime member with a penchant for watching books, movies, TV shows, and music, the Fire HD should definitely be in your crosshairs. At only $199, the Fire HD sports an amazing-looking screen, a 720p front camera, Bluetooth, and the best speakers you've ever heard on any tablet.

The good: The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a most impressive-looking 7-inch tablet screen, its speakers deliver killer sound, and its refined interface is the best gateway to Amazon content for Prime members. New enhancements fill its $200 price to the brim with value.

The bad: Performance is sluggish at times and the Fire HD is less comfortable to hold than the Nexus 7. The curated app store means many apps and games are not available. There's a $15 opt-out for ads.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro  

Microsoft is scheduled to launch Windows 8 alongside the ARM-powered version of its Surface tablet on Oct. 26. Sure, the current generation of Windows 8 martphones may hard to catch up to iOS or Android, but in the tablet wars, the Surface Pro has a few several secret weapons: Outlook, Word, OneNote, "fat" desktop application support, and a new take on digital notes, with a redesigned stylus.

Microsoft's Surface tablet will have two digitizers, one for touch input and one for pen input. In addition, they work in conjunction not contention with each other.

1. Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7, the first tablet launched under Google's own Nexus brand. The Nexus 7sells at price of $199 is the best 7-inch tablet yet, NFC communication,combining fast quad-core performance, top-notch design and Google's smart Jelly Bean OS for an amazing price. Now Google's first tablet has become the best-selling in its category just three months after its launch, not just in the US, according r to telegraph. So The iPad Mini will need to offer a very good features-to-price ratio if it hopes to become the best 7-inch tablet yet.

The good: The Nexus 7's quad-core Tegra 3 processor delivers fast performance and a beautiful and responsive screen. Also, it's comfortable to hold and Android 4.1 brings a surplus of welcome additions. At only $200, the Nexus 7 is a steal.

The bad: The lack of built-in expandable storage and omission of HDMI are disappointing, and the design follows the plain, black tablet mold. The top and bottom bezels are a bit too thick.

Related article: Apple iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7 tablet comparison review

The war of 7-inch tablets is heating up. Which one you are going to buy? Please let us know via comments.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Best Free eBook Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad

Thanks to the third-party application developers, you will be glad to see there are so many different eBook Apps in the App Store if you are interested in reading book with your iPhone and iPad. But how to choose the app that suit for you is a big question. Don’t worry. Here I have picked 5 best free Apps in the App store for you. Just choose one you like most.

5. iBooks By Apple (Rated: 4.0)
iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling books or your favorite classics – day or night. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favorite passages。

4. Kindle–Read Books, Magazines & More – Over 1 Million eBooks & Newspapers By AMZN Mobile LLC (Rated: 4.0)
The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, giving users the ability to read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll have access to over 1,000,000* books in the Kindle Store plus hundreds* of newspapers and magazines. Amazon Whispersync automatically syncs your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across devices (including Kindle), so you can pick up your book where you left off on another device.

 3. NOOK by Barnes & Noble (Rated: 4.0)
Get an incredible reading experience with NOOK for iPad and iPhone™   from Barnes & Noble. Choose from NOOK books, magazines, newspapers, and exclusive PagePerfect NOOK Books, which are specially crafted to  retain all the precision and beauty of their stunning print versions—including New York Times Best Sellers, the latest new releases, and hot newsstand items like Us Weekly, Star, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Martha Stewart Living. More than 2.5 million in all, and thousands are free.

2. The Magazine: For geeks like us By Marco Arment (Rated: 4.5)
A magazine for people who love technology, especially the internet, mobile, truly great personal computers, and related fields influenced by technology such as photography, publishing, music, and even coffee.

Rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, The app deliver meaningful editorial and big-picture articles.

The Magazine publishes an issue every 2 weeks, usually with 4 articles of 500–1000 words each, to subscribers.Subscriptions are $1.99 per month with a free 7-day trial.

1. iTunes U By Apple (Rated: 4.5)
The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Whether you’re majoring in molecular biology at a university, taking Spanish in high school, or just interested in European history, you now have a valuable tool to help you learn anytime, anywhere.

If you have another good ebook apps to recommend, thank you very much to leave your comments.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween 2012: have fun with your mobile device

There are apps for almost anything every day, including a plenty of Halloween apps. As we know the annual Halloween this year is on 1st, November, just around the corner. With so many to choose from, here we introduce a list of Halloween App to you, which you can use to have fun with your mobile device on Halloween.

1. Halloween games: Disney adds free Halloween levels to Where's My Water? for iPhone and iPad

Had enough Where's My Water? Of course you haven't. The latest free update, entitled 10 Days of Frankenducky, contains ten original Halloween-themed stages of water-preserving puzzle action.

2. Halloween games: Restaurant Story: Halloween

Decorate a Restaurant for Halloween, and share with your friends! Impress your customers with spooky decorations and tasty treats! Now with HALLOWEEN themed recipes, decorations, and REWARDING storylines!

But Restaurant Story is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

3. SecuraFone: Halloween apps to keep your kids safe 

Suit for iPhone and Android phones.

It is a new app created to help parents track their trick-or-treating children, which can send a message alert to parents if the child gets too far from home.

4. Halloween iPhone 5 cases already

If you have already picked up your iPhone 5, you may be interested in purchasing a specialized iPhone 5 halloween case to really get into the festivities this year.

Now it is available from Speckproducts for $34.95.

5. Harry and the Haunted House – Wanderful interactive storybook in English and Spanish

Have you ever wished you could play inside a story and really interact with all the characters and words? Now you can! Harry and the Haunted House is an imaginative, interactive and slightly spooky reading experience with fully animated content loved by children, parents and teachers alike.

6. Scrap It: Halloween HD

Only for iPad

The app allows you to add a not-so-scary touch to all of your Halloween memories. It includes a large number of stickers, paper styles, ribbons, letters and numbers, and word art items to choose from. Each item can be moved, resized, and rotated via multitouch controls. You can also add photos from your own library and apply a variety of effects to them, and add your own custom text. The app also includes a layer manager, the ability to view multiple scrap pages as a slideshow, and the ability to share your creations

7. Gameloft’s new game Zombiewood hitting Android this Halloween

Zombiewood, a free-to-play twin-stick shooter that will have you killing zombies, collecting guns, and killing more zombies.

Besides, there are many other wonderful apps released for the event enjoyment, the blog here will update all the new information in time to let all of you have a better enjoy. Thank you very much to leave your comments if you have any good ideas about the Halloween


Sunday, October 7, 2012

iPhone 5 problems roundup: here is the way to solve the problem

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, with a completely new design which have a longer, larger screen. But that does not mean the iPhone 5 is as perfect as we expect. By contrast, as time goes by, we have found a series of problems have occurred. Here is a list of iPhone 5 problems we have meet since Apple released the iPhone 5 , and we show you how to solve these problems.

1.  Apple Maps

Apple made the decision to give up Google Maps with the release of iPhone 5, instead introduce its own Apple Maps, which is unfinished and buggy. Then complaints about it trickled in and Apple's CEO apologized, to some extent, helped the third-party developers.

Solution: So here you can take other iOS Maps, like Waze, NAVIGON USA, Google Maps. Also you can download one of a number of transit apps or map apps.

2.  Camera

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve just knew that the iPhone 5 camera may be faulty, showing a purple haze in certain lighting conditions. This is possibly due to the Sapphire glass used in the camera’s lens, or caused by light overloading the imaging sensor.

Solution:  According to the support article from Apple, you can solve the problem by doing like below.

Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some form of flare at the edge of the frame when capturing an image with out-of-scene light sources. This can happen when a light source is positioned at an angle (usually just outside the field of view) so that it causes a reflection off the surfaces inside the camera module and onto the camera sensor. Moving the camera slightly to change the position at which the bright light is entering the lens, or shielding the lens with your hand, should minimize or eliminate the effect.

Do you think Apple’s resolution is acceptable? Leave your comments.

3.  New dock connector

The lightning connector allows Apple to devote a smaller area to the connector. It also renders a galaxy of accessories unusable unless you purchase a $30 dollar converter

4.  Scratches 

Multiple complaints have popped up across the Internet that the back case of the iPhone 5 is easily scratched and can be damaged too easily.

Apple did not release its own officially branded cases and accessories for the iPhone 5 when the device launched last Friday. Only third-party products were available to customers.

So you must buy best Cases For Your New Apple Phone to protect your iPhone from damage.

Though iPhone 5 gets thumbs-up from Consumer Reports, But Apple should pay more attention to these problems, which decide how far Apple can go in the future. Now what remains to be seen is what Apple does about these failings and how soon can it fix these problems.

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