Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 3 Best Audio Recording software for Amateur Musicians on Mac

A lot of people in the world today have become fascinated with music. Whether you are a serious musician, a rapper or a person who just loves to record disparate sounds, you indeed need a good music audio recording software to enhance music entertainment. Today we’re going to be taking a look at 3 best smaller and more specialized pieces of audio recording applications for Mac OS. With the help of these feature-packed Audio Recording apps, you can easy recording streaming audio at home.
Music Recorder for Mac ( $19.9 )
Leawo music recorder for mac is an easy-to-use and beautiful audio recorder which empowers you the ability to record computer audio, microphone and other audio input device. It could act as a streaming audio recorder for Mac to record Mic or other built-in input audio stream, and also record computer audio stream or online music just like an online audio recorder for Mac.

Also, with this program, you can effectively manage recorded audio library, complete recorded music information from online database for free, automatically cut different songs during recording, support manual edition to complete recorded music info, play recorded audio files, etc.

Audio Hijack Pro for Mac ( $32 )
Audio Hijack Pro prides itself on being able to record audio from any input whatsoever. If you can hear it, you can record it. You can even record audio from multiple applications at once – good for recording interviews on Skype, for instance.

You can define all sorts of settings for any source in the app's right pane--including recording schedules, tags, and a wide range of audio effects--and this is where you'll find most of the muscle in Audio Hijack Pro's feature set, such as the ability to quickly define formats and run scripts (whether with Automator or AppleScript). At the same time, even more casual users will find a lot to like in Audio Hijack Pro, such as one-touch recording for Skype and iChat conversations.

WireTap Studio for Mac ( $69 )
WireTap Studio is an excellent, relatively inexpensive audio-capture tool that can help you record, edit, and export any audio on your Mac, whether from your overall system audio, a specific app (like Skype or iTunes), or even an external microphone. Once recorded, you can organize your audio tracks within the application and use the professional editing tools.

LivePreview lets you preview your quality settings in real-time, before you even start recording. Everything is lossless, and WireTap Studio also has full Audio Unit effects support, for adding professional quality effects to your audio.

Feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments – I’d love to hear which pieces of software you’d recommend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Easy Ways to Import YouTube Videos to iTunes on Mac (Lion included)

We love youtube, and we can get wonderful videos, information, fun etc. from YouTube video files. I am a lover of youtube like most of you and usually visit it to find some awesome music videos of my favorite artists, such as Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble". The only disappointing point is that we can't enjoy these YouTube videos offline. Have you ever had an idea to download YouTube videos to iTunes so that we can put them on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. and enjoy them on the go?

In fact, Downloading YouTube to iTunes is not as difficult as you might think. Here, I'll introduce 2 easy ways to help you download and convert YouTube videos to iTunes on your Mac (Mountain Lion and Lion included).

Method 1: Convert YouTube videos to iTunes on Mac
If you already have download YouTube videos to your Mac (Mountain Lion included). You might have noticed that the format of your YouTube files is FLV which is not recognized by iTunes, i.e. you have to convert YouTube video to iTunes compatible formats like MOV, MP4 or M4V, if you wanna manage these files in iTunes.

To convert YouTube to iTunes, this professional yet easy-to-use Video Converter for Mac gives you a hassle free experience. It offers you ultra-fast conversion speed, loss-less video quality, extremely easy conversion steps. You're also able to download video with Leawo Video Converter. Just go to Download tab and download any video in one click.

Step 1:  Just directly drag & drop your YouTube videos to the Mac program

Step 2:  Select an output format from the format tray. If you want to upload the output files to your iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can select the presets offered.

Step 3: Start to convert videos to start YouTube video to iTunes conversion, this FLV to iTunes Video Converter for Mac will get the rest done.

Step 4: Launch iTunes, drag the output files to iTunes library and you can now sync them to your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Now you can put your favorite FLV movies on your iOS device and enjoy them on the go anywhere and anytime!

Method 2: How to Download and get YouTube videos to iTunes
To download YouTube video files and manage them on iTunes, a free youtube downloader would be a great helper. It can easily and quickly download YouTube videos on Mac (Lion included) and then convert them to iTunes supported formats, such as MOV, MP4 and M4V. Audio extraction is available, too. To make the YouTube to iTunes Mac conversion easier, presets for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad are provided, so that you can directly set your output format according to your needs.

Step 1:  Locate YouTube videos
Launch Safari and go to YouTube.com. Click "Add" to import YouTube videos either by copying and pasting video URL or dragging and dropping video thumbnail. It is totally up to you to import single video or multiple videos at a time.
Step 2: Set output destination
Click "Save to" to set the save path on your computer of the downloaded YouTube Videos, feel free to select the proper output destination in line with your preference.
Step 3: Click Downloaded now button, on the left side of "Task" tab, you can see all info of the videos under processing. Clicking "Save as" and selecting one target format from the drop-down menu. Choose MP4 from output format list. MOV and M4V work, too. After downloading videos, you only need to drag the output videos files to iTunes for file listening, managing and transferring to iOS devices for further enjoyments.
Bingo! You did it! Now Take any interesting YouTube FLV videos with you and enjoy it on the go!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Top 5 Simple Ways to Upload & Share Videos from Your iPhone

Apple makes sharing photos very easy with Shared Photo Streams, but Apple does not make uploading and sharing videos from iPhone as simple as it does for photos. Thanks to some of third-party applications, there are simple ways to upload and share your videos without having to make a wired connection to your computer, such as by using cloud services like Dropbox, YouTube, and apps like Photo Sync, etc. It is really easy to use, and below is the summary information I collected special for all of you, just check it out.

1.  Default iPhone Methods
Share Videos iPhone
Open the Camera roll / album, and find the video you will upload, and then tap the share button on the bottom-left of the video, you can share that video via Mail, Messages, and YouTube. You must have a YouTube account in order to share your videos to youtube.

2.  YouTube Capture
YouTube Capture
YouTube Capture (free) is a dedicated YouTube capture app that allows iPhone user to shoot video directly and then upload your captures to your selected YouTube account after touch up videos with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks. And it also allows you post videos publicly or privately, in which only people with the link or specified users can view it.

3.  PhotoSync
PhotoSync ($1.99) is the app that can help you wireless transfer your photos/videos from iPhone to your computer and other iOS devices. To use this app, you need to download the app to your iPhone, and the PhotoSync companion application for your OS X or Windows.
To set up video (and photo) transfers, you simply pair the two mobile and desktop apps, open PhotoSync, select the videos you want to transfer, and then tap the red sync button for the transfer to begin. With PhotoSync, you can also configure the app to transfer videos to your Dropbox account, to other iOS devices with PhotoSync app installed, and to numerous online video and photo sharing sites like Google+ and Google Drive, Flickr, Facebook and a few others.

4.  Dropbox for iPhone
Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
Dropbox for iPhone
To start with, tap the Preferences settings in the app and select Camera Upload. From there, you simply enable the feature. Dropbox will automatically start copying all the photos and videos on your device to a Dropbox folder in your account entitled Camera Upload. It will do this again with new non-uploaded photos and videos each time you open the Dropbox app. The process can actually be done in the background, so you can switch to other apps without interfering with the transfer.

5.  Google+ Instant Upload
If you’re a Google+ user, the Google+ iPhone app includes an Instant Upload feature for automatically syncing photos and videos to a private album in your Google+ account.
Google+ Instant Upload
You can select to have videos uploaded only over WiFi or 3G or over WiFi only. This feature is also for when you select photos from your private album and post them to your Google+ Circles. However, remember that you’re Google+/Google Drive account only allows for 5GB of free space. If you have a lot of media content on your iPhone, this could eat up your storage space fairly quickly.

Let us know if you have other ways to upload and share videos from iPhone.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top 5 wonderful educational iPad apps for kids

Whether you support the use of iPad in schools or not, you can’t ignore the fact they are amazing educational tools after school. With so many educational apps on the App Store, there’s no limit to the learning possibilities at your fingertips. Equipped with the right apps, the iPad can become a treasure trove of learning experiences, disguised as fun games kids are dying to play. So which apps do that best? Read on to take a look at the top 5 educational iPad apps for kids.

1.  TinyHands Sorting
The app comes with four different boards, and you can unlock the remaining 9 boards for a $2.99 in-app purchase. This may seem a bit steep for only 12 boards, but your kids will enjoy each board over and over again. Note that younger kids may need to be told what to do on each board at first, especially on the more complicated ones, but they’ll catch on quickly and start playing by themselves.
Aimed at toddlers ages 2.5 and up, you can safely assume that your 2, 3, and even 4 year olds will enjoy its magic. TinyHands Sorting requires no English skills whatsoever – it’s all about pictures – and is therefore perfect for children who don’t speak English. The goal of the game is to sort all the objects into their correct places. Each screen has a different theme, and requires slightly different skills. The sorting is based of shape, color, size, and other subjects such as seasons, on land/under water, etc.

2.  LetterSchool
An amazing, intuitive game to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more.
After choosing a letter or number and seeing how it’s used, kids first get to watch how the letter should be written. In the second step they trace the letter over the existing example, and in the third step they get to write it all by themselves. When all three steps are completed, the child gets a star for that letter. The process includes different amusing effects for each letter, which makes the whole process fun and interesting.

The app comes with three different profiles, so up to three kids can play and keep track of their own achievements. You can also choose between several different fonts.

This free app contains all the features of the full version for a subset of letters and numbers. You’ll find the complete alphabet, the numbers 1-10 and a few more games in the full version.

3.  Native Numbers
Math is an important skill, but it can easily become a hated subject due to misunderstanding of basic concepts. Native Numbers takes children through the simple elements of math, starting with rods and moving on to pictures and numerals. Slowly but surely, kids can understand what these numbers are all about, and that there’s more to numbers than just symbols – they actually stand for something.
Native Numbers takes kids through the basic concepts, followed by how numbers relate to each other, how numbers are ordered, and counting. As with LetterSchool, multiple children can play the game on the same iPad with the ability to track progress and achievements for each child separately.

The free version of Native Numbers comes with the first 5 activities. To get access to all of them, $4.99 will get you the full version. Yes, it’s a bit much, but you’ll end up paying much more for a private tutor if your child has a hard time with math, so it could be worth it.

4.  The Opposites
For $0.99, The Opposites can provide hours of educational fun for children who know how to read bigger words. The goal of the game is to find pairs of opposites and match them, reaching the level’s goal number of pairs. If the screen fills with word balloons, then game over.
The game comes with 10 levels of increasing difficulty, and can be used by children and adults of any age to expand their English vocabulary. It includes a dictionary for every word that appears in the game, so if you don’t know a word, you’re not left with a mystery – you can define it so you know what to do with it next time.

The only downside is that the game sort of revolves around sibling rivalry. The girl and boy each say a word in turn, and it’s clear they’re always angry at each other. This was sort of a downer for me, bu other than that it’s a fun little game, and a great way to learn new words and their opposites.

5.  Doodle Buddy
Doodle Buddy Gold is the most fun you can have with your finger! Finger paint with your favorite colors and drop in playful stamps. Connect with a friend to draw together over the Internet.

  • Funny sounds paired with stamps are a blast!
  • Doodle and stamp all over your own pictures
  • Scribble inside fun stencils to draw perfect shapes. Get more stencils with Doodle Bucks!
  • Text Tool with resizable text and four fonts
  • Post your doodles on your Facebook page
  • Draw with other users on the same WiFi network
  • Text chat back and forth with your drawing buddy
  • Send your drawings to friends via email
  • Option to buy out ads
Do you have any other best kid’s educational app for iPad recommended? Your share is greatly appreciated below!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 10 best iPad games Everyone should have

The iPad is an excellent, amazing device for any number of games, thanks to its large, gorgeous display, which gives gamers a more open, visual experience that isn't as restricted as the iPhone/DS/3DS/PlayStation Vita's relatively small displays. Owning an iPad and was Looking for the very best games for your iPad? Well the good news is that , here I have carefully collected the top 10 best iPad games from the app store and listed them below for your playing pleasure.

1.  Angry Birds Star Wars HD
Angry Birds Star Wars HD
For most people, I am sure that Angry Birds Star Wars is one of their favorite games and that is why I put the game in the first place. Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds Star Wars, special designed for iPad, features the same simple, but addicting, gameplay as Angry Birds. New planet-based levels like Hoth, Tatooine, and Dagobah; Stormtrooper pigs; and Han Solo, Luke, and Ben Kenobi birds with special powers provide novelty and some new game ideas. Yes, it won us over.

2.  Modern Combat 4
Gameloft's Modern Combat series has been consistently solid. The graphics are near-console level and the game plays smoothly and is optimized for Apple's Retina Display devices. While the control scheme isn't perfect with MC4, it's about as good as you can get for a FPS on a touch-screen device.

3.  Temple Run 2
With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now you can get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2! Temple Run 2 couples great beautiful graphics with a very simple, arcade-like premise. In Temple Run 2, you play an Indiana Jones doppelganger clutching a golden icon, and your goal is to run away from evil eagle-gorilla bigger monsters by tilting and swiping your way through obstacles in your path. New obstacles, more powerups, more achievements, Special powers for each character are included.

4.  FIFA 13
Want to feel the amazing, exciting feeling just as you are playing the game? If you are a football fan, then you mustn’t miss this game. The most authentic football game on the App Store just got better! Take control and build a team of the greatest global superstars with the all-new Ultimate Team feature. Get ready to hit the pitch with some awesome new features and stunning graphics enhanced for the iPhone 5. Plus, now you can dominate the leaderboards with Game Center – join the club!

5.  NBA 2K13
Though it still has a few weaknesses, 2K Sports has improved its mobile basketball game. NBA 2K13, the latest installment of the top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise 12 years running, features improved graphics and intuitive One-Finger controls to give you the ultimate NBA experience while on the go. For the first time, players can now challenge their friends in multiplayer mode via Game Center or Bluetooth. NBA 2K13 also lets you relive some of the most memorable performances in NBA history, including Kobe Bryant’s 81-point performance in 2006. Executive produced by multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z, who personally curated this year’s soundtrack.

6.  Real Racing 3
The Top Free App in over 90 countries. Real Racing 3 arrived on iOS last month, and takes that to a new level with extremely polished graphics of 48 available cars including exotics like Bugatti and a wealth of real-life tracks selected carefully and in great taste. This is a highly detailed game of superior quality. But make sure you have at least 1.9GB of free space on your device in order to install the game on your iPad.

7.  Need for Speed: Most Wanted
The Need for Speed street-racer franchise has been around for a while, but EA's done an impressive job with this latest Most Wanted version. The action is intense, the graphics are great, and the gyroscope steering scheme works well once you get the hang of it.

The graphics are sharper on the third- and fourth-gen iPads, but the game still looks good -- and plays well -- on the Mini.

See also:Top 5 Best Racing Games for your iPad

8.  Year Walk
Simple, But sometimes it is impossible to figure out. Quiet, beautiful, and extremely creepy, Year Walk has a simple swipe-to-explore vocabulary, woodcut-like graphics, and a very weird story. And it feels like a game dreamed up on an iPad. For the complete Year Walk experience, or if you're curious about the folk lore on which Year Walk is based, we recommend downloading Year Walk Companion, available for free on the App Store.

Dead Trigger is the pre-eminent free first-person shooter for iOS and have more than 11 million downloads. For its entire tacky, tongue-in-cheek zombie apocalypse dialog, the graphics are excellent, complete with water effects and richly-detailed models. Players gun through various campaign missions, take a stab at daily challenges, weather endless waves of zombies in arena mode, and unlock new weapons as they rank up. Cash is the main reward, but every once in a while you'll earn the premium gold currency, which is used to buy the really fancy artillery. There's also a wide array of equipment to help keep you alive through your undead-infested ordeals, and once it's all over, you can use casino chip rewards to play the slots and win big prizes.

10.  Dungeon Hunter 3
Evil has once again flooded over the sacred land of Gothicus. Face your destiny and enter the endless waltz of battle, victory and glory. 16 massive arenas are waiting for you now. Hero, this is your time to conquer! The graphics are really excellent, and among the best I've seen in a free game so far. Cloud syncing and Game Center achievements are in effect, which are both appreciated. Just download the app to enjoy.

So, hey guys, do you have any good games wanna recommend for iPad? Thanks for leaving your opinions.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac Users

In December Last year, I have recommended you the Best 5 Video Editing Apps for iPhone and today I will continue to introduce you the Best 5 Free Video Editing Software for Mac. So if you have tons of videos and are eager to edit the videos either for better presentation or preservation, just check out these Free Video Editing Software for Mac I have collected for your reference.

Top 1. Apple iMovie
As all we know, iMovie comes with every new Mac (OS X) and you don't need to pay extra money for it. Apple’s latest iMovie 11 is a great and free video editor for the Mac with lots of great advanced features and add-onsand plug-in support, such as movie trailer, All-New Audio Editing, One-Step Effects, People Finder and so on. Unfortunately, the software is only free if you buy a new MAC system. If you want the software without buying the system, it is available for purchase.

Note: iMovie supported video formats are very limited to MP4, MOV and M4V. If you want to edit videos in other formats in iMovie, you can use the 50% Off Mac Video Converter to convert the videos first.

Top 2. Blender
Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product used for creating animated films, visual effects, interactive 3D applications or video games. Blender's features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle, soft body simulation, animating, match moving, camera tracking, rendering, video editing and compositing. It also features a built-in game engine. All of you can find more features about the Blender video editing software from: http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/features/.
Now Blender now is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (PPC and Intel), GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Top 3. ZS4 Video Editor
ZS4 Video Editor is video editing and compositing software which aims to provide media experts with a facility to combine a variety of media types (currently photos, videos and audio files) into one (or more) output file(s). It is one of the most used media editing software that allows users editing videos, audios and image files easily.
The software now works for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is free to download and use.

Top 4. Avidemux
Avidemux is a free and open-source video editing program designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license and supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. But compared to other video editing software, the video editing functions are limited.

Top 5. CineFX
Jahshaka was previously known as CineFX and is aimed at being an editor, effects and compositing engine that runs cross-platform over Mac, Linux and Windows. It is probably best compared to Adobe after Effects in its aspirations, though there has been a long time between version 2.0 and the long-awaited version 3.0 leading some to question the project’s future.

There is clearly still a lot of work to be done but it’s nice to see a truly open source cross-platform stab at a market dominated by Adobe. There seem to be quite a few users hungry for a new version judging by the comments left on news items, which hopefully will spur developers to deliver the update sometime this year.

Okay, above is my collection for the Free Video Editing Software for Mac. Which one you are holding now? Show your ideas!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 5 Best Racing Games for your iPad

There are a lot of great uses for the iPad, but none of them are as fun as gaming. It is a stupid behavior if you just use the iPad to watch videos on your iPad or browse the web. Your iPad can play some great games for its high specs, extra screen space and sharper resolution, especially racing games, a touch screen device that can detect when you move it makes a pretty cool steering wheel. Children love games, and so do adults. Want to race around a city in a Ferrari or karts? Conquer the world? Featured here are the best racing games for iPad! Hold on to your seats.

1.  Need for Speed – Most Wanted
Need for Speed Most Wanted was the number one App Store game of 2012 and that is why I make it to the top of this list. Due to its revved-up graphics and gameplay, you’ll need 1.8GB of free space on your device in order to install this game.
This games app tells the story of you should evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.

For those who like to modify their cars, there are over 40 unique cars for you to Choose and customize.

2.  CSR Racing
CSR Racing lets you own and race your own super car. Pit your skills against other computer controlled cars or other humans in the stunning multiplayer mode! Race along deserted streets that have graphics to rival that of many PlayStation games!
With this game app, you can upgrade your Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat tougher and tougher opponents. And when you’re ready, it’s time to challenge the crews that rule the city.

3.  Asphalt 7: Heat
With 60 different cars to race (20 more than NFS) and fifteen different cities to race them in you can enjoy racing your favorite super car in a location near you! The cities include London, Paris, Miami, Hawaii, Rio and many more!
The best part of this game, and also the worst part, is the multiplayer mode – join with up to five friends both locally or online, using both iPad or iPhones. Use the intelligent matchmaking system to find suitable random opponents. Challenge rivals and let them take a look at your achievements gallery!

4.  Death Rally
Death Rally is an action packed combat racer with global multiplayer, stunning visuals and more than 10 hours of cars, guns and explosive fun. Number one in 84 countries with more than 14 million gamers worldwide! This is an addictive game that you must have a try.

5.  Real Racing 2 HD
If you just love career modes – requiring endless hours of meticulous strategy, planning, patience and skill to achieve the final goal – then Real Racing is the app you should try!
The real selling point of this game is the massive career mode offering over ten hours of play and including time trials, head to head races, eliminations, single ‘cup’ races, qualifiers and championships. Win races to earn money to purchase even faster cars and become a pro in no time! Or just hit quick play and get going instantly.

With fifteen beautiful locations all accurately created, 40 virtual miles of track to race on, different weather and times of day, this app will continue to impress the more you play.

So above is the Best Racing Games for your iPad, just click the link to download and enjoy the time. Or if you have any other racing games to recommend, thank you for leaving your ideas.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Top 3 Best iTunes Cleanup Tool to Clean Up iTunes

 iTunes Cleanup Tool
If you are a mac user, I am very confident that you must know iTunes well. As a media player and media library application developed by Apple, iTunes can use to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X operating system and the iOS-based iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, with editions also released for Microsoft Windows. By connecting to the iTunes Store, users can purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, iPod games, audiobooks, podcasts, movies and ringtones. From the App Store , Users can also download Application software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With these practical and powerful functions, iTunes is no doubt a must-have for Apple devices users.

But, after repeated uses, it has been common for people to mess up iTunes library: songs with missed or incorrect artists, multiple spellings for one artist, duplicate songs, missed music album info, missed music cover, etc. It’s no secret that dealing with iTunes can stink at times. In such case, you need to use professional iTunes cleanup tool to help you easily clean up iTunes and organize your iTunes library in a better way. The below are 3 most used apps for cleaning up iTunes library on Mac.

Song Sergeant: Hate seeing the same band, album, or song listed multiple times in your library? Song Sergeant intelligently identifies and removes duplicates, renames inconsistently named artists and albums, reunites orphaned song files to your library, and deals with missing song files. Song Sergeant will whip your music library into shape in no time. Song Sergeant is uniquely capable of merging song files together instead of just crudely deleting extras, letting you keep the best song information and best audio quality even if they're from different song files. In addition, users can easily preview songs and browse through related track information and artwork in order to ensure that they're keeping exactly what they want in their libraries.

Tunes Cleaner: Leawo's Tunes Cleaner for Mac is an intelligent smart iTunes cleanup tool to seamlessly organize and repair your music library within few simple and easy clicks.Based on the powerful online database, this iTunes cleanup tool provides massive fixes fast and accurately. Besides, its initiate scoring system brings totally different experience for you to view the iTunes music library health before and after cleaning.

Here’s just some of what Tunes Cleaner can do for you and your iTunes library:
  • Delete Duplicates: Duplicates can accumulate easily on iTunes. Tunes Cleaner will clean them up.
  • Add Proper Album Covers and Artwork: Artwork adds a dynamic to your library that you will not appreciate until you experience it.
  • Add Missing Info Including Artists and Album Titles: Not only does this look great, but increases functionality on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
  • Easy-To-Use Interface with Simple Program Operation:So easy that your iTunes will be cleaned and organize upon installation. And it only requires a couple of clicks to maintain!
Note:  Now you can get the Tunes Cleaner for windows only at a price of $9.99.

TuneUp: TuneUp Media’s TuneUp is another professional program that can be used to clean up iTunes. TuneUp is your one-stop-shop to fix your disorganized music collection. This iTunes cleanup tool could help you easily fix mislabeled song info, remove duplicate songs, fill in missing album cover art, get concert alerts, music videos, artist bios and more. Rather than looking for duplicate and missing files, it attempts to clean up the tracks you have in your iTunes library by locating and applying the correct tags and album art to them.

In addition to these three  iTunes Cleanup Tool,  You can also try the iTunes Cleanup Tool called Rinse, which can help you Remove Duplicate Songs & Albums and Automatically Add Missing Images.  Just check the link for more detailed information and then pick one you like most.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best Easter iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids in 2013

Easter is less than a month away, so it's time to start getting into the holiday spirit. That means you can dye those eggs and have some chocolate bunnies to have fun. And, of course, check out the latest batch of funny Easter-themed apps to keep kids entertained in Easter 2013. If you are an iOS user, you mustn’t miss these dozens of best Easter iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.
Happy Easter
1. Color Me Easter Free
Color Me Easter gives you a way to dye Easter eggs (and create all kinds of Easter-themed art) virtually. Let the kids color Easter eggs--without the mess. Designed for younger kids, Color Me Easter comes with an assortment of pictures to color and a one-touch coloring system: tap to choose a color, and then tap to fill in an area with that color.
Color Me Easter Free
2. Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me
This Easter app allows you take new pictures or add photos from your library and will place your children in adorable baby animal costumes. Dress up as a cuddly bunny, woolly lamb, frisky kitty, dalmation puppy and more! Children will enjoy the playful sounds and interactive objects on every page as they flip through the story and see themselves (and other costumed characters) in each illustration. Also, the app allows you to store your photos in the app and even use multiple photos within a single story. You can share your favorite pages via email or save them to your photo library. Plus, easily print any page using a wireless printer!
Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me
3. Egg vs. Chicken
A clever and amusing twist on Plants vs. Zombies, Egg vs. Chicken challenges you to arrange your eggs in like colors and then fling them at relentless hordes of foul, well, fowl. The newly updated Easter Egg Hunt Edition features eggs you can hunt for to unlock extra levels.
Egg vs. Chicken
4. Easter Fun For Kids
Easter Fun brings education, Easter, and fun games together. Kids will find 6 unique Easter-themed educational games and activities designed for entertaining and learning. Easter Fun includes educational materials that cover topics such as logic, words, counting, art and much more. Best of all, kids will be learning those skills while enjoying lots of fun and music.
Easter Fun For Kids
5. doodle jump: HOP The Movie
E.B., the Easter Bunny's son, is about to take over the family business. However, before E.B. can become the Easter Bunny himself, he needs to become super-proficient in jumping, and who better to help him sharpen his jumping skills than the best jumper in the entire universe and beyond, Doodle the Doodler! Tilt your iDevice to control E.B. (the Easter Bunny's son) as he hops ever higher, gathering power-ups and, of course, Easter eggs. It's relentlessly fun, just like the original on which it's based.
doodle jump: HOP The Movie
6. Pat the Bunny

The app is designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers, the app features 14 fully interactive scenes your kids can tap, swipe, and explore. Your kids will giggle with delight as they play hide and seek with Bunny, pop bubbles in the bathtub, make music in the kitchen, catch butterflies in the garden, and much more.
Pat the Bunny
Plus, on devices with front-facing cameras, kids will be amazed to find they can “look in the mirror” and see their smiling reflection. Highly recommend it to all of you.

7. Kung Fu Rabbit
If you think those games above are too easy to play, then you can try this game. With This game, kids will play as a rabbit teacher, and Use agility and combat abilities to save all of your students! Jump from roof to roof, slide gracefully along walls, sneak up on your enemies and rip them to shreds! 70 levels in normal and hard mode (dozen hours of play!) are included. The app also allows you play the game on Apple TV in a 720p resolution, really amazing.
Kung Fu Rabbit
By the way, Wanna enjoy the Easter DVD or Blu-ray movies on your iPad or iPhone? Just Get a 35% off Total Media Converter and easily convert Easter movies to any video format! You may also be interested in this Easter Discount Party of multimedia software.

If you have any other funny Easter apps to recommend, please share them by writing your comments below.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Top 3 Video Players for iPhone 5 Full Screen Playback

If you have got one iPhone 5, I am sure that you are likely to watch movies with its big and clear 4-inch screen. So which video player will you use in order to play movies? Still using the QuickTime Player? But can you view movies in MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, etc. Formats with it on your iPhone 5 in Full Screen? The answer is no. As all we know, Quick time is pretty good to use in your Mac devices, however, we can still have some other options for better video viewing experience for there are many formats Quick won’t support. Especially for the 4-inch iPhone 5, a full screen video player will enhance your enjoyment for sure. So below are some top full screen video players for iPhone 5 users.

1. RockPlayer2 (free)
RockPlayer2 is updated to show videos on the iPhone 5 in full screen and the app support lots of video formats such as mkv, avi, rmvb, flv, wmv, mov, mp4, etc. Powerful video player and it is free but ad supported.

This great app also concludes many useful features like: Gesture control, srt subtitle, audio track selecting, RockShare file sharing, AirPlay, Customizable play control bar and more.

Azul Media Player
2. Azul Media Player  ($0.99)
Azul Media Player can act as a Video/Music player and downloader for your iPhone 5. Currently it support plays almost any video formats like 3gp, sf, avi, divx, dv, flv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv(non-hd), moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, ts, vob, webm, wm, wmv and audio format include wma, mp3, wav.  With the built in downloader you can freely download Movies, TV shows and Music directly from the web on the go.

It has a lot of added value features, too, like the ability to play video attachments from the Mail app or iTunes file sharing sync and more. The newest version adds support for the larger screen of the iPhone 5.

Video Stream
3. Video Stream ($2.99)
VideoStream lets you watch XVID,AVI,MPEG,WMV formats and many more all without needing to convert and import files! HD Retina quality (up to 1080P) video playback of videos, movies or TV shows is one of its amazing features.

Multiple account support. The UI and video will now use the full resolution of the new iPhone 5 in v1.4. You can just purchase it once and applies it to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

If you are a youtube lover, you can use the Jasmine YouTube Client that let you play full screen youtube videos on iPhone 5.

Besides, some people suggested that Rushplayer would also support full screen of iPhone video playback. Goodplayer, anyplayer and some other ones are also recommended by some internet users. I will check them out later.

You can try these cool players to find the best one for yourself to help you enjoy full screen video playback better on you iPhone 5.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Apple makes sure you always have the things you want, like FaceTime. FaceTime is Apple's free video calling service. With a tap, you can make video calls over Wi-Fi from every iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac to someone else’s, anywhere in the world. What's more, you can even make FaceTime calls over cellular networks on iPhone or iPad as long as you have enough data from anywhere you have 3G or 4G LTE access. So today I am going to show you the easiest way to make a FaceTime from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone
To begin with, you should set up FaceTime first on your iPhone. Apple official website have detailed tutorial for you, just check it.
Then follow these simple steps to start:
  1. Launch the Phone app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Find the contact that you'd like to FaceTime. Remember, they must have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac capable of receiving FaceTime calls as well.
  3. Scroll all the way down on their contact card and tap on the option for FaceTime.
  4. Make sure that you select the right one if you have multiple phone numbers and emails for that person.
  5. The FaceTime call will connect and after a few seconds, you should see the person on the other end pick up. That's it!
FaceTime call from iPhone
make a FaceTime call from iPhone 2
Also, if you're already on a phone call with someone and want to FaceTime instead, you can easily convert the call to a FaceTime call in just a few short taps. Just Look at the call menu, Tap on the FaceTime option. If it's greyed out, that means FaceTime is not available or you can.

How to make a FaceTime call from your iPad or iPod touch
On the iPad and iPod touch, you'll need to be connected to a WiFi network. Once that's taken care of, you can get started with making FaceTime calls to other iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac users. That is a little different than making a FaceTime call on iPhone. Here's how...
  1. Launch the FaceTime app from the Home screen of your iPad or iPod touch.
  2. On the right hand side, you'll see the list of contacts that you have in your Address Book. Tap on the one you'd like to make a FaceTime call to.
  3. You'll now see that person's Contact Card. You can select either their phone number or email. Remember they must have a FaceTime capable device as well or the session will fail.
  4. The FaceTime call will now initiate.
  5. Once the person on the other side accepts the video call, you'll see your iPad or iPod touch say Connecting. Then you should be able to communicate freely. That's all.
FaceTime call from iPad, iPod touch
FaceTime call from iPad, iPod touch 2


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