Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Upcoming Mobile Phones: Top 5 Smartphones to Watch Out For In 2013

2012 was a big year for smartphones. Apart from Apple’s iPhone 5, Mobile Phone Vendor like Samsung, Nokia, htc all launched its high end smartphones like Samsung galaxy s3, Lumia 920, htc one x and so on. At the same time, the tech innovations show no sign of slowing down, so, all in all, there is no doubt that 2013 will be a stunning year for the Smartphone fans and followers. Today, let’s have a glimpse of the top 5 smartphones to watch out for in 2013.

1.iPhone 6
Apple generally releases a new iPhone every year which also comes with a latest version of operating system, and this year what the customers can expect is the iOS 7. The name of next generation iPhone is not known yet, may be called iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, but one thing can make sure that is Apple is speculated to make some amazing upgrades to upcoming iPhone that will further make it more appealing than iPhone 5.
iPhone 6
The latest iPhone rumor is that iPhone 6 will include a fingerprint detector. Also, it will have an improved camera and will have a more powerful A7 chip. The screen size may be 4.8inch in order to keep up with massive gadgets such as the HTC Droid DNA and Samsung III."

2.Samsung galaxy s 4
Samsung made a big success in 2012 with its popular Galaxy s3, and it is likely that the company will release Galaxy S4 in the markets in the year 2013 in order to compete continuous with Apple.
Samsung galaxy s4
The Galaxy s4 is rumored to feature a flexible screen, five-inch HD display, 8-Core Exynos 5 Octa Processor, better battery and of course runs on Android Jelly Bean.

3.HTC M7
The HTC M7, one of the 2013′s most heavily rumored smartphones. It is said the device will apparently pack a full HD display like the HTC Droid DNA, 4G, quad-core Qualcomm Processor and a unibody aluminum design. Most important, the phone will runs on Sense 5.
HTC M7 sense 5
HTC needs a big 2013 and the M7 looks a good pet to help HTC gain back the market share.

4.Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10
According to an analyst at Scotia Capital, Research in Motion's upcoming models of BlackBerry 10 phones is better than the current generation iPhone and many Android devices. BlackBerry 10 has already been widely trailed, with a newest operating system set to be officially unveiled at the end of January. A touchscreen phone, touting new multimedia access, improved apps and better typing is expected to hit in store in the spring.

5.Google Motorola X Phone
Google Motorola X Phone
Google and Motorola are rumored to be working together on the next flagship phone, called Motorola X Phone. According the rumors picked by Droid Life, Google’s Motorola X Phone may make its formal debut at at Google I/O in May, but expected to arrive until July 8.
Detailed information includes:
  • All carriers will sell the X Phone.
  • Verizon will sell it for $299 on contract.
  • All versions will also be sold through the Google Play store at similar off-contract price to Nexus line.
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader through Verizon, they will charge a $15/month fee.
  • If you buy it through Google Play, it comes unlocked with no fee.
  • Not a “Nexus” but will come running stock Android and with some bloatware.
  • Bloatware can apparently be removed once unlocked.
So which phone are you waiting for? Welcome to leave your comments below. Personally, I like the HTC M7, stylish design and powerful specs.


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