Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 reasons Android users will switch to the iPhone 5

A new survey from Barron have shown that 1 in 5 Android users are considering the switch to iPhone, while 48% of Android smartphone users plan on buying another Android device, and 34% are unsure which to buy. But with Apple’s victory in battle with Samsung, may be a number of people will choose the iPhone with iOS. Here are the 5 reasons why Android users will switch to the new iPhone- iPhone 5

The latest comprehensive performance

In addition to the specific function the new iPhone 5 will have which according to the Rumors, whether or not it will have 4G LTE technology or with a larger battery, it is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 5 will bring so many surprise to us. May be the iPhone 5 has been completed, is not advanced than the Samsung Galaxy S Ⅲ in the technical aspects, but Apple's performance and design will still attract part of Android users to use iPhone 5 .

Android users tired of updating

The dilemma faced by the Android users is that, the smartphone they owned built with the operating system of seriously outdated version, though they have very modern, high-end equipment, which make Android users very frustrated. Thanks to wireless carriers, existing Android devices update the operating system Verizon difficulty. Now Galaxy Nexus have already updated to the latest version. The problem seems to be more seriously, especially after the release of the iPhone 5, and hype.


All (in addition to the fans of Android) will admit this: Apple's designs are great; Users can complete all the tasks in a more intuitive way on the iPhone 5.

Cloud services

Google recently completed a lot of work on Pay Store, from an old-style "Android market" into a new iTunes-style mass store, to provide users with the books, movies, TV shows and various things. It is a very important step when Apple going to dominate the market.

However, even if the gap between Apple and Android is narrowing fast, the Cloud services of Apple have so many advantages. If you are very interested in music, television and film, then the iPhone will have a very strong attraction for you.

4G network

It may come as a shock, but there aren’t too many people as you’d think who are dying to see the iPhone 5 come with4G LTE connectivity. It has long been rumored that this will be among the new iPhone’s key features。

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