Sunday, August 12, 2012

Apple plans domination with iPhone5 and iPad mini launch

As a worldwide gathering activity, the 2012 London Olympics Games finally ends on Sunday in August. It is a perfect end to a near perfect Olympics which you can watch Olympics Closing Ceremony with your iPhone and iPad.

Then you may look forward to what will happen in September? The good news is: The new iPhone and iPad mini will release in September, according to the rumors.

The iPhone 5 release date could be on us quickly, as the favored September 12 announcement from Apple is only a month away. It is reported that the market generally believe that Apple iPhone will release on September 12 this year, while at the same time the company may also release the iPad the mini.

But I think it is not wise for Apple to release the new iPhone and iPad at the same time.

According to the latest survey of CouponCodes4u,the result show that majority of U.S. consumers would prefer the iPhone 5 rather than iPad mini, so it is not a good decision for Apple released iPhone 5 and the iPad mini at the same time

Apple may release the two products at the same time, but most consumers cannot bear the expenditure to buy both of them. The survey showed that if faced with the choice, 78 percent of Americans will buy the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 5) rather than the 7-inch iPad mini.

CouponCodes4u also conducted a survey in 1873 American consumers about why they choose the iPhone, 46% of them said they thought getting the iPad mini is "meaningless". And 39% of people said that compared with the iPad, they need a new iPhone.

Also, in fact, it is not necessary if Apple want to beat Samsung with the iPad Mini in the Tablet market.

According to the latest news, it show that from the fourth quarter of 2010 to mid-2012, Samsung Electronics in the U.S. market, sold 1.4 million units Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, $ 644 million in revenue. While during the same period, iPad in the U.S. market, sales reached 29.7 million on revenue of $ 14.8 billion. 

That is to say, the Samsung Electronics Tablet PC sales in the U.S. market are far less than the iPad sales. 

So, Apple can take it easy to release the new iPhone and iPad Mini at different times.

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