Friday, September 28, 2012

Other iOS Maps Apps you can take, except Apple’s Maps app

Apple made the decision to give up Google Maps with the release of iPhone 5, instead introduce its own Apple Maps App. However the new Maps App is more terrible than people could imagine. 

Apple's new Maps application was met with a lot of criticism from users who complained of incorrect positioning data, poor routing and Flyover rendering issues. Compared to the Google Maps, it loses the haro.

Apple is sorry about the iOS 6 Apple Maps debacle. Not only did CEO Tim Cook issue an apology letter to customers on, Says 'Extremely Sorry' for Maps Shortfalls, the company is also highlighting alternative mapping apps in the App Store.

Since the Apple’s Maps app doesn’t seem to work that well in some place. So if you're looking for alternatives apps, here is a list of Apps you can choose.

1. Waze

If you just want a simple voice navigated maps app that works properly, we really likeWaze because it's free, easily report what's happening on the road and get turn-by-turn navigation , has a great location search, and plenty more 


The software includes many of NAVIGON's signature navigation functions such as Reality View™ Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant and Text-to-Speech. Naturally  it features NAVIGON's sophisticated and elegant map views including branded POIs along the route. 

It can get transit directions and public transportation schedules

3. Google Maps

Of course, what many people really want is good old Google Maps back, which maybe is one of the best Maps apps in the world. It wasn't without its faults, but the fact it integrates driving directions, up-to-date maps, transit directions, biking and walking directions, and a robust business search, it's very much missed. Chances are Google will release their own version of the Maps app soon. Google Thursday launched an app called Field Trip, can take you on a Field Trip,  though available now for Android phones, but with an iOS version expected in the future.

Above all, you can also use the Nokia Maps, Bing and MapQuest.

What can you do in order to Make Apple Maps better ?

So If you actually enjoy Apple's Maps app, you can do something in orde to making it better. You can do this in one of two ways. First off, you can report problems with mislabeled streets, satellite images, directions, or other problems:

  • From the Maps home screen, tap the curled page on the bottom right side.
  • Tap "Report a Problem" (right above the large "Print" button).
  • Select Your problem, add any comments, and send it off.
For a lot of people, Apple's move to its own mapping system has caused some serious problems. The above methods will get you rolling in style again. To some degree, Apple need time to launch a better Maps.

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  1. Awesome blog post. For travelers utilizing Apple Maps is useless because it doesn't show targeted traffic and failed to represent the road routes.



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