Sunday, September 23, 2012

Compared to Apple iPhone 5 display, Nokia Lumia 920 is better

The iPhone5, Apple’s latest generation smartphone, hit a sell record with a lighter and thinner design. Most important, it equipped with a brilliant 4-inch Retina display, larger and better than before, which is absolutely beautiful. Despite that, is the iPhone 5 have the most advanced display?

Now let’s back to the Apple iPhone 5 announcement event on 12, September , Phil Schiller claimed that the new iOS flagship has the world’s most advanced display yet. But is that true? I think a lot of people are confused by these words.

It appears, however, that this might not be entirely true, as one Nokia fan did a spec-by-spec comparison of the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920.

First, let’s take a look why the Lumia 920 display is better than the iPhone 5?
  • Larger screen 
  • Higher resolution
  • Higher pixel density (Apple called "retina screen", now defeated Lumia 920)
  • Outdoor better results
  • PureMotion HD + refresh rate higher
  • Super sensitive display, more sensitive touch
Here is the detailed information after compared the iPhone 5 with Lumia 920.

Display resolution and PPI

iPhone 5: 1136 x 640 and 326PPI
Lumia 920: 1280 x 768 and 332PPI
Lumia 920 wins: 26% better resolution, 2% better PPI

Display size and technology

iPhone 5: 4-inch and LED IPS
Lumia 920: 4.5-inch and LED IPS
Lumia 920 wins if you view a bigger display as better

Display response time

iPhone 5: average 23 milliseconds
Lumia 920: average 9 milliseconds
Lumia 920 wins using PureMotion HD+ making it 2.5x faster

Due to Nokia use of Clear Black Display technology,which adds a polarizing layer between the touch and display panels to cut down of reflection,the Lumia 920 will have much better outdoor legibility,which is 15% better legibility than iPhone 5, Gaichuke says. And Nokia display will react to touch through a glove with Synaptic’s super sensitive touch technology. 

So apparently, Nokia Lumia 920 display is better than iPhone 5, including resolution, PPI, size, response time, refresh rate, sensitivity, brightness, reflectance, and legibility (especially outdoors).

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