Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best 6 apps you must download on iPhone 5

The long wait for the new iPhone 5 is finally over, News from CNN today says, Australia become the first country to start selling iPhone 5, other counties gradually to sell the new iPhone as time goes by. It has been a long time for the customers since apple announced the new iPhone on September 12.

The first customers to purchase their new iPhone 5s exit an Apple flagship store on George street in Syndey, Australia.

The new iPhone comes with a list of improvements, features a bigger screen, thinner and 
lighter design. With the new A6 processor, it runs faster than before. The new iPhone also have 4G LTE wireless connections in the first time. But hardware and the new system-iOS 6 is not everything. In the iPhone world, the true experience is made with help from mobile applications available through the company’s App Store. Here is a list of apps recommend to you which you should download to the new iPhone in order to enjoy more.

1. Youtube(Free)

 With iOS 6, Youtube is not available natively in iOS. So if you are a heavy Youtube user, you need to download the app to enjoy.  

2. iDownloader Pro($1.99)

With iDownloader Pro, iPhone 5 users can download anything they come across, such as something they like when browser a website, or a song, a video they meet.

3. Camera+($0.99)

The app does everything from improving the brightness of a photo to stabilizing shots and lining up an image. It only cost you 99 cents.

4. TurboScan($1.99)

TurboScan really works for both consumers and enterprise. The program, allows users to quickly scan multiple documents into PDFs by simply snapping pictures of them.  

5. Google Earth(Free)

iOS 6 makes a big change in your iPhone,  It removes the Google Maps app replaces it with its own Apple Maps. But complaints over the new Maps app have never stopped. Now, Trudy Miller, a spokesperson for Apple, has offered the following statement in response to these complaints Apple: “We’re ‘Just Getting Started’ With Maps, Be Patient”.

6. Angry Birds Space($0.99)

When you go back home after work, or have rest during the weekends, you need some fun in their lives. It is a good idea to have fun with help from Angry Birds Space.

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