Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 features Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 will remove

According to the reports of pcworld, compared to iPhone 4S, the new generation of iPhone hardware design will be a lot different. Many of Google's products will disappear as Apple rolls out new iOS 6 or be replaced by Apple's own products. The hardware design changes will be a headache in the short term, but it has its own advantages in a long time.

While Apple has not yet officially released the new iPhone, but according to the latest reports, as well as the released iOS beta previously, we have make sure that the next generation iPhone will abandoned the following four features:

Google Maps

Apple developed their own map application based on the acquisition of Map Company, and completely gives up Google Maps on iOS 6. 

The iOS 3D map applications uses a vector-based engine that keeps text crisp, graphics clear, and panning and zooming smooth and responsive, it have turn-by-turn navigation and other features, but it miss a very important characteristic: Google Street View. Google has developed iOS version of the Earth application, it is likely they will develop a stand-alone Google Maps application to meet the iOS user.

YouTube Apps
YouTube app will disappear from iPhone screens as Apple rolls out new iOS 6. While Google said they are developing YouTube iOS applications currently, and in the future, this application will be added to the catalog on App Store.

It doesn’t seem to be a big problem for the user for lack of YouTube application. They can view YouTube videos directly in Mobile Safari. 

In developing its own YouTube app, Google will also have the ability to introduce advertisements in the app , and also update the app with new features more often. In Apple’s hands, the YouTube app has seen very little improvements over the years.

30-pin connector

The new generation iPhone is likely to use the 19 pin connector; this change might have an impact on the current 30-pin connector accessories market. Apple used 30-pin connector since the first generation iPod, and Apple needs a smaller connector in order to make the new iPhone thinner and to incorporate a 4G radio.


The iPhone may use a smaller gauge SIM card-nanoSIM, According to French nowhereelse. It is smaller than the MicroSIM. Apple strongly recommended use this new nanoSIM card standard while compete with Nokia, Motorola. This new design has the same function as the current SIM card.

NanoSIM card may make the iPhone's internal design change; and the user can feel the transition changes. 

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