Thursday, July 26, 2012

Apple VS Amazon review

Amazon strengthens the R & D ability of mobile phones, tablet through the acquisition. In order to exert pressure to Apple, Voice recognition and map features will be added to these terminals. But Cook, the CEO of Apple, “Amazon's product is hardly worth mentioning”, he says.

The long-simmering war between Apple and Amazon is starting to boil over. Tech Giants Scramble to Take Rival Ground in Phones, Tablets and Apps.

Rumor has it that Amazon is testing its own brand of smartphone; the phone will be in direct competition with Apple's iPhone. It may be a Kindle smartphone. The Kindle software is based on Android. Amazon took the open source Android code and forked it into its own proprietary operating system.

But, on the one hand the iPhone is gradually losing the dominant position due to the completion with other smartphone, such as Samsung, HTC. Report says: iPhone's introduction in China helped lift second-quarter iPhone shipments but fell off dramatically during Q3. Apple generated stunning $7.9 billion revenue in China during Q2 but only $5.7 billion three months later. So Apple is still battling Samsung for leadership in the global smartphone market. While Apple has debuted one new model iPhone every year, Samsung has released a variety of handsets, including the Galaxy S III released in May.

In fact, Competition between Amazon and Apple has existed for a long time. In 2007, Amazon launched its first hardware device-“Kindle eBook reader”, many Apple insiders seen the device as an online retailer of hobby projects. In 2010, Apple iPad enter the tablet market, and then Apple realized that the Kindle e-book and the launched iPad are in direct competition.

"They are now the competitors, the future competition will be more intense”, says Simon Khalaf, the CEO of application statistics firm Flurry.

Now the new generation of iPhone-iPhone5 is going to release. Though Apple has not released a statement on the new version of the iPhone, but rumors about it have appears. What the next iPhone will bring to us and how to reverse the situation through the new product; let’s look forward to the Apple press conference in October.

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